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DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR. Mannarino fined £7,000 for bumping into ballboy
DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR. Mannarino fined £7,000 for bumping into ballboy
08-Jul-17 Mark Hall 

The Frenchman has a horrible behavior with a ball boy once again


We have a new bad guy in town.

Adrian Mannarino was already well known for not being a nice person with ball boys, and on Saturday he displayed another disgusting act during his match against Monfils in Wimbledon.

What happened?

Mannarino was going to his chair, he clearly noticed that a ball boy was in the way to barge into the kid pretending he didn’t do that on purpose. Eventually, the Frenchman got a penalty point and a £7,000 fine.

It’s a joke. MANNARINO

Instead of apologizing, the Frenchman hit back at the umpire to say

“What did I do? I was just passing by. We were shoulder to shoulder. I was just trying to move. I was slowing down, he was close to me, I had to stop it.

It's a joke. I'm hurting myself just not to hurt him and you give me a warning. Ball kids are the priority, right? I cannot walk to my chair? I'm not hitting him. I'm hitting him as much as he's hitting me.”

The Frenchman was already involved I another couple of horrible episodes against ball boys. Once he intentionally threw a racket near a kid on court; another time he kicked a boy in the throat.

We do not need these people around.

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Didn`t know this guy was like this. Pretending that a ballboy needs to shake your drink, or hitting a kid so high with a leg, he needs urgent psycological attention...
 Reply 09-Jul-2017
This guy is out of his mind. Besides the three videos it`s interesting to see th comments from peope on Twitter
 Reply 09-Jul-2017
That kick was pure evil, and how terrified was that kid when he trew the racket at him? (he knew very well the boy was there)
 Reply 09-Jul-2017
 Reply 09-Jul-2017
What as a@@@@. The last part of the video kicking him the boy in the throat/chest was too much.
 Reply 09-Jul-2017
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