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Tomic to be banned from Wimbledon?
04-Jul-17 Mark Hall 

The Australian keeps on embarrassing himself and our beloved sport. VIDEO


If you have a kid, it would be great if he doesn’t behave like Bernard Tomic. The Australian keeps on dishonoring tennis with his disgusting behavior.

What happened

Tomic is well-known for often showing a careless behavior on-court. The Australian has lost the quickest match in tennis history against Nieminen in 28 minutes in 2014 in Miami, he often said that he is playing for money, and he has never hidden the fact that he often tanks matches.

On Tuesday in Wimbledon, he lost 6-3 6-4 6-3 to Mischa Zverev, and then he had a sort of show in the post-match press conference when he said

“I just thought I’d try to break a bit of momentum, to use that as my strategy, because I was just playing very bad and feeling bad out there. I tried to use something different maybe slow him down a bit on the serve. He was playing quick and we were all playing quick and he was serving well.

My back was not an issue. it was definitely a mental issue out there. I felt a little bit bored out there. It’s happened to me a lot. Just can’t find anything on the court.

It’s tough. I’m 24. I came on tour at 16, 17. I have been around and feels like I’m super old, but I’m not. This is my eighth Wimbledon or ninth I think. I just couldn’t find any motivation."

I do not respect the sport because I am super talented

The Australian went "psycho" soon after to say 

“I’m going to play another 10 years, and I know after my career I won’t have to work again. I believe you have to respect the sport. But I think I don’t respect it enough, yes, because I am, you can say, super talented.”

When asked if he would give his £35,000 prize money back Tomic said

“We all work for money. At 34, maybe I can donate to charity. If you ask Roger if he’ll do it, I’ll do it.”

Why Wimbledon should not invite Tomic anymore

Wimbledon needs its integrity, the love for the sport, and the respect of his fans. If they can, they should not invite Tomic anymore at SW19.

This was disgusting.



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I am not sure that they can ban Tomic, but I would a rule or somthing like that to regulate this behaviors, also because otherwise some other youngsters are going to behave in the same way and things can go south... Kyrgios?
 Reply 05-Jul-2017
Banning Tomic would be fantastic for tennis. I think that in a way doing this stuff is even worst than doping. Doping is absolutely horrible and it is cheating, but it`s a bad mistake doing because you want to win (still a big mistake). Doing this stuff is just disrespecting tennis
 Reply 05-Jul-2017
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