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Does Roger Federer need to defeat Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic?
04-Apr-17 Mike Milazzo 

Roger still needs to master the other 2 big4 in 2017.


So far, 2017 has been an incredible year for Roger Federer, but there is something missing. While Federer had handled Rafael Nadal, there are some unanswered questions. How would Federer fare against the two top world ranked players, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic?

What about Murray and Djokovic?

This does not diminish what the Swiss legend has done this year, but sports fans like all the asterisks removed. For now, one of the “Big Four” has mastered one of the others. The other two of the quartet have been out of action, and for this record season to be complete, Federer needs to square off against Murray and Djokovic.

Against the top10

Now Federer has not been playing a weak field. Roger is 7-0 against the top ten, and he toughed out a victory over up and coming Nick Kyrgios. In Miami, Federer faced match points against Kyrgios and Tomas Berdych, so it was not an easy path to his latest title.

Nadal is kicking himself. He has climbed all the way back to the top and would be having a banner season if he could get around Federer. It is fair to say that Murray and Djokovic both being absent has helped the Spaniard as well as Federer.

YES... world no.1, but he needs to...

Federer has already qualified for the year-end finals and is the current favorite to win Wimbledon. He could end up being number one again at the end of the year. Both would be fantastic accomplishments, but Roger needs to play Murray and Djokovic. Victories against either player are not necessary, but it would sure be a great final addition to an epic chapter to the Federer legend.



ROGER'S RUN IN 2017      


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Roger would be pleased to play them right now. Later, I am not sure
 Reply 05-Apr-2017
A great point. I think that Roger has to prove himself also against the top 2 players in the world. I am sure that as of now, he would beat both of them
 Reply 05-Apr-2017
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