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POSTER CONTROVERSY. Is Federer's prominence over Murray wrong?
POSTER CONTROVERSY. Is Federer's prominence over Murray wrong?
07-Feb-17 Alex Boyden 

The promotional poster of the Miami Open has been criticized… is that right?


Roger Federer has mesmerized the tennis community (and beyond) after he won an incredible title at the recent Australian Open. After this title, Roger has consolidated his “leadership” as the most admired tennis player in the world. The organizations of tennis tournaments know very well that Roger is a fantastic boost for them in terms of audience and they are elated when he blesses them with his magnetic presence. Roger has won the tournament in Miami back in 2005 and 2006. 

What happened in Miami

Roger has often skipped Miami where the conditions are not great for him to favor Indian Wells. This year, the Swiss sensation decided to play the ATP1000 in Key Biscayne, and the organization has decided to highlight his participation by putting him (and Serena) at the forefront of their promotional poster.

The decision to do that has been criticized because the world no.1 Andy Murray and world no.2 Novak Djokovic have been put in the “3rd row”.

You may argue that Roger and Serena are the world no.1 in the Year to Date rankings, or they lead the other players in terms of slams, but Andy’s fans may still have ground to complain. 

Right or wrong?


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Is it right to put Roger at the forefront?



WHEN ROGER WON MIAMI IN 2006 (against his current coach)      


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The comments on this blog are nearly as disrespectful as the poster itself. Andy Murraay is #1 in the world. Period. He`s worked many years to reach this goal. Rankings are not based one one slam out of one. Putting Andy at the bottom in small print is just crass and unnecessary commercialism. Many of us who love Roger Federer for all he is might not agree that he is the greatest of all time. All of the great champions have their fans with their own opinions on that subject. What really disturbs me, though is the defensiveness of those who would ridicule those who have fought to bring parity and respect to all tennis players. Those who would call others out for considering racism and sexism are clearly the ones who need to look at themselves first.
 Reply 09-Feb-2017
The good news is that the womenare both black, so there is no call for racism LOL
 Reply 08-Feb-2017
The put the winners of the Australian Open in pole position, then finalists, then world no.1 and no.2 (men). I am waiting for the feminists to complain because there are 4 men and 2 women.
 Reply 08-Feb-2017
They gave prominence to the world no.1 (YTD rankings), the winner of the last slam, the player with the most slams, and the most admired tennis player in history. Nothing wrong with that
 Reply 08-Feb-2017
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