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17-year-old Felix Auger Aliassime to train with Federer in Duba ...
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Shapovalov is like Federer and Nadal when they were young.
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Why and how I defeated Nadal. FEDERER
Why and how I defeated Nadal. FEDERER
29-Jan-17 Mark Hall 

Roger explains his match and his feelings. VIDEO


Roger Federer has surprised everyone after he won his 18th slam in Melbourne after missing the tour for six (long) months. The Swiss legend astonished his own fans after he defeated Rafael Nadal in the final. Roger didn;t beat Rafa in a major final since 2007 (Wimbledon).

I played the ball not the opponent. FEDERER

During a post-match interview, Roger shared his experience on how he defeated his nemesis

"Be free in your head, be free in your shots, the brave will be rewarded here. I wanted to play the ball, not the opponent. I didn't want to go down just making shots, seeing forehands rain down on me from Rafa. I think it was the right decision at the right time,

I had opportunities early on in the fifth, as well, to get back on even terms. I could have been left disappointed there and accepted that fact. I kept on fighting."

I kept on believing

"I kept on believing – like I did all match-long today – that there was a possibility I could win this match. I think that's what made me play my best tennis at the very end the match, which was actually surprising to me. I went through a little bit of a lull in the fourth and the beginning of the fifth set."

"So it's definitely very special ... and very sweet because I haven't beaten him in a grand slam final for a long, long time now. Last time I guess was 2007 at Wimbledon in a five-setter. Now I was able to do it again."

Rafa should be happy as well

"We're both on a comeback. Like I said on the court, it would have been nice for both of us to win, but there are no draws in tennis. It's brutal sometimes.

He should be happy. I would have been happy again [just] to be in the finals like I said on the court. I think this one will take more time to sink in. When I go back to Switzerland, I'll think, 'wow.' The magnitude of this match is going to feel different. I can't compare this one to any other one except for maybe the French Open in '09. I waited for the French Open; I tried, I fought. I tried again and failed. Eventually, I made it. This feels similar, yeah."

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It`s also interesting the point that the aggressor would have been the winner. Very different from the recent past when it was about who could rally the most
 Reply 31-Jan-2017
It`s interesting when he says that he played the ball not the opponent. A good lesson to follow
 Reply 31-Jan-2017
Very interesting revealing from Roger. He was very excited so he didn`t put any filter in what he said
 Reply 30-Jan-2017
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