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Becker attacks Murray over doping allegations
Becker attacks Murray over doping allegations
17-Apr-16 Alex 

Boris is not pleased with some comments from the Scot


Boris Becker is not Roger Federer's best friend, and now he might not be Murray’s buddy as well.

What happened?

During a recent interview, Andy vented his doubts about the “suspicious” fitness of some of his opponents “They don't seem to be getting tired," he commented. “Have I ever been suspicious of someone? Yeah. You hear things.”

Since Djokovic is one of Andy's toughest opponents and he impresses the tennis community with his fitness, Boris got things “personally” to comment “We have random drug testing and unless it’s proven, they are 100 per cent innocent. So to throw in a curve ball and assume something because somebody has won a Grand Slam or is fitter I think is totally out of order

Andy is one of the fittest players on the tour; he often outlasts other players and nobody is questioning his ethics. It’s a very dangerous subject; I can only repeat that tennis is clean. I believe 100% Andy is clean, Roger is clean, Rafa is clean, Stan is clean, all these guys are clean.”



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Murray is hinting at someone, and my guess its Nadal.
 Reply 20-Apr-2016
I think Boris just likes to show that he is the man. I can`t see anything wrong from Murray and rightly so the tweet in the article reminds that he accused Muster of being doped in the past.
 Reply 18-Apr-2016
I do not think that Andy has said anything so bad to be honest. Probably he added something more, otherwise nothing wrong with his allegations
 Reply 18-Apr-2016
Becker`s behaviour is always extremely odd. I also think that he enjoys drawing attention with these allegations. BTW Ithink he is right when he says that people confuse fitness with being doped. It happens continuously with Rafa.
 Reply 18-Apr-2016
I think that Becker is nobody`s buddy. He is taking this weird role as Novak`s godfather. It`s probably working, but it`s rather annoying
 Reply 18-Apr-2016
Gosh, he got it very personal. BTW I like the fact that he attacked Muster about his fitness back in the days a now he is working with his fitness trainer
 Reply 18-Apr-2016
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