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What are the new IPTL rules?
What are the new IPTL rules?
26-Nov-14 Robert 

The International Premier Tennis League is about to start and it will bring lots of innovations


After so much talk, the IPTL is finally about to take-off.

What’s the IPTL?

The International Premier Tennis League is a new concept devised by Indian tennis legend Mahesh Bhupathi.  The idea is to create a “nimble format” to attract top players to compete during the off-season (is there any off-season anymore?).


There are going to be 4 teams represented all kind 28 players (men, ladies and legends) with 21 Grand Slam Champions and 14 (current and former) world no.1

Manila Mavericks:

Singapore Slammers:
Serena Williams

Micromax Indian Aces:

UAE Royals:

When and where is the IPTL going to be played?

The league will be played in

Manila (28-30 Nov)
Singapore (2-4 Dec)
Delhi (6-8 Dec)
Dubai (11-13 Dec)


What’s a Match?

A match consists of 5 set played by different competitors.
Each set has 6 games, but a shoot-out is played at 5-all. The shoot-out will follow the same rules as the tiebreak with the difference that the player that wins more point after 5 minutes wins the set. There are no change-overs during a tie-break.

Each set is played by 5 different formats as follows:
1- Men’s Singles
2- Women’s Singles
3- Mixed Doubles
4- Men’s Doubles
5- Men’s Legends Singles

The order of play will be decided by the home team.

Who wins a match?

The match winner is the team that has won more games from all sets (so the games decide the winner not the sets).

The last set is the most important one. In fact, if the leading team (leading in terms of games) wins the last set he wins the match.

On the other side if the trailing team wins the set, but it has won less games (accumulated in the all sets), than the last set goes on. If the trailing team manages to tie in terms of overall games, then they will play a “Super Shoot-out”. If the leading team wins 1 more game, then they win the match.

The “Super shoot-out” is played with the same rules of the “shoot-out” with the difference that is played on a period of time of 7 minutes.

Points won

The team that wins the match will get 4 points.

The losing team will get:
2 points if it wins more than 20 game points
1 point it wins at least 10 game points
0 points if the losing side won less than 10 game points

Who wins the league?

The team that wins the league is the one with most points.

In case of a tie these are the criteria that will decide the winner:

1- Head to Head (in the standing)
2- Numbers of games won
3- Numbers of games lost
4- Biggest games winning margin in any single match win
5- Coin Toss

The winning team will get a check of 1 million US dollars (that coin could be quite valuable!)


There are many innovative elements that may be borrowed also by the official circuits.

1- No-ad system. At 40-all the player that wins the following point wins also the game

2- Shot clock: 20 seconds between points, 45 seconds during change overs, 60 seconds for time-outs, 3 minutes among sets. Any time violation will result in a point loss for the violating team.
Only the chair-umpire can set, stop or re-start the shot clock

3- Time-Out. Each team has a 60 seconds Time-Out that can be used only once per set

4- “Power Point”. Once per set every receiving player can call for a “Power Point”. If that player wins he will receive 2 points.

Game on!

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 What do you think about this new format?  
No-ad system: Good - opportunity for the receiver to challenge the weaker side of server

Shot-clock: Nadal is not playing so its no problem

Time-out: what can a player do in 60 seconds ? Twitter updates ?

Power point: looks like a computer gaming idea, and this is not a computer game; ridiculous

Agreed with you guys on "One-serve" and "No-Service Let", and pls, also no toweling-off (its sports, not chess).
 Reply 28-Nov-2014
This seems to be a glorified chaos. I would save the shot clock, the time out and I would, d have introduced the "no service let" rule. I hate the no - ad system and the power point.
 Reply 28-Nov-2014
Too many rules. The Power Point is a joke. A great innovation should have been to allow just 1 service to have more variety.
 Reply 28-Nov-2014
I think the format is too complicated. There is going to be too much confusion around and the game point system is a mess. I would have used a more "traditional scoring system". The Shot Clock is something that the really need to introduce in the ATP and WTA, but 20 seconds is really to shot. I would stick to 25/27... but with they need to enforce it.
 Reply 28-Nov-2014
Originally Posted by Steven
This is interesting, but it will probably be quite messy. Probably the Shot Clock and the Time-Out are the most interesting innovations. I also understand that the unused challengers can be carried on the next set.
You are right also the Time-Out is an interesting innovation
 Reply 28-Nov-2014
I am very curious about this experiment. Something is interesting like the Shot Clock, something else is ridiculous like the Power Point that seems to be something coming out from the Playstation.
 Reply 28-Nov-2014
It`s a confusing. The only good point is that Rafa will not play. 20 seconds are not enough for ass-picking... let alone all the other procedure :-)
 Reply 27-Nov-2014
This is interesting, but it will probably be quite messy. Probably the Shot Clock and the Time-Out are the most interesting innovations. I also understand that the unused challengers can be carried on the next set.
 Reply 27-Nov-2014
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