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Federer: I can win the Australian Open
13-Dec-13 John 

Roger thinks he has a shot at the first slam.


Roger Federer is definitely looking forward for a super 2014!

The Swiss Maestro is preparing a great comeback after a disappointing 2013 and that will start straight from Australia (Brisbane).

Roger released an interview to the Australian reporters in occasion of his upcoming exhibition in Melbourne with Tsonga to talk about different issues.

About winning the Australian Open

"I always believe that I have improved over the last 10 years, you know, that I've not gone backwards, and I've been able to win the Australian Open 10 years ago, so I always feel as I move forward I am a more complete player, a better player.

That's why I will always believe that I can win, as long as my body is holding up and mentally I'm really hungry traveling the world and playing matches, and that is the case right now—I'm very healthy and training extremely hard.” said the Maestro.

About Roger’s fitness

Federer thinks that his fitness is key about the last part of his career to comment  “Honestly, as long as I am healthy I see good things coming. I started falling behind and it feels as if I have picked it back up again.

“I didn’t have surgery, but my back wasn’t good for a while and things weren’t always easy in the last few months. I was playing sometimes in pain and sometimes I shouldn’t have played. As the season went on, I was able to make the tour finals, so it wasn’t a bad season if I could achieve that.

“I always believe I can win as long as my body is holding up and I am mentally hungry. That is the case now.”

Federer   Australian Open  
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 Can Roger win this Australian Open?  
He can`t win it, unless Nadal & Djoker & Murray are injured ... and its only 50% chance he may, because there is Del Potro.

He is still optimistic because that`s his job. He is still making money from his endorsements, so you would not anything negative to jeopardize that.
 Reply 16-Dec-2013
I like to see him to win
 Reply 15-Dec-2013
Forget about that Roger. It`s 2 late for that.
 Reply 14-Dec-2013
The guy is very optimistic. Reaching the semifinal would be already an achievement. He can`t compete against Djokovic and Nadal in a best of 5 match. No way!
 Reply 14-Dec-2013
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