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UNCLE TONI writes heartfelt farewell letter to Nadal
UNCLE TONI writes heartfelt farewell letter to Nadal
20-Nov-17 Mark Hall 

Rafa receives an amazing letter from his uncle.


Uncle Toni has been one of the best tennis coaches in tennis history. The Spaniard has managed the entire career of a fantastic tennis legend: his nephew, Rafael Nadal. During his long coaching career with Rafa, Toni had to mix his feelings for his nephew with the “urgency” of achieving the incredible. Eventually, Toni was the key for Rafa to win 75 titles, 16 slams (10 Roland Garros) and be widely considered among the very best of the sport.

The letter

Uncle Toni wrote a writes heartfelt farewell letter that was published in El Pais thanking Rafa for what they have accomplished. Here an extract.

“I conclude a happy stage of 27 years that began the day when the son of my brother Sebastian entered my tennis court with only three years. Today I leave yours, but my path does not end here. 

I will continue to be linked to tennis because of my enthusiasm and love for this sport, fortunately, remain intact.

I must acknowledge and thank greatly, the person most responsible for my luck: my nephew, Rafael. The relationship with him has always been uncharacteristically easy within the world in which we move. 

Thanks to their education, respect, and passion I have been able to unfold my way of understanding this profession. Thanks to him I have lived experiences that have surpassed all my dreams as a coach. I have traveled by his side to incredible sites, and I have met relevant and interesting people from many fields. 

Today I feel greatly valued and loved because his figure has magnified mine much more than I deserve.”

Rafa must have dropped a couple of tears reading this beautiful letter.

Well done!

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Uncle Toni is probably my favorite coach. Humble, effective and smart... completely unassuming. Great Job, Deserved
 Reply 21-Nov-2017
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