Reasons to Play Tennis in College


Why do people play tennis? What is so special about this sport? Can I start playing tennis in college or university? You’ll be able to find the answers to all these questions in our today’s article.

It goes without saying that tennis is one of the classiest sports humanity has ever invented. You cannot deny the fact that tennis players look devastatingly attractive in their shirt skirts, stylish shorts, and visors. They exude vivaciousness and confidence; they smile amicably as if inviting spectators to join them. The courts which are always kept tidy also look so welcoming…

Now that you’re a college student, you’re starting to think of taking up tennis. Maybe, one of your fellow students suggested trying playing the sport of kings, or they are the excellent tennis facilities your institution boasts that invite you to try your hand at the new sport, and you merely cannot resist the temptation. Whatever the reason behind your desire to take up tennis is, you should definitely give the new activity a shot.  And if you’re still hesitant, you may want to check out some benefits of playing tennis in college.

Excellent Diversion

It doesn’t necessarily mean that all you need to do is to study once you set your foot on campus. In fact, college is an excellent opportunity not only to get new skills and knowledge, but also explore new options and expand your horizons. Of course, there will be times when you’ll be spending hours preparing for your finals, completing assigned readings, or writing your research paper. But you’ll always be able to alleviate your academic burden if you take advantage of services rendered by online writing companies, such as PapersOwl. Still, availing yourself of professional academic writing help isn’t the only way to chill out and take your mind off homework, lectures, and classes. Tennis can also serve as an excellent diversion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to practice your tennis shots in college and sign up for tennis courses. Presently, some universities ever offer combination courses for ESL students. For example, ETC International College is famed for its English + Tennis course, which makes it possible for students to improve not only their English language but also tennis skills. Psychologists note that such sports as tennis, cricket, and golf have a power to soothe a person’s worried mind. The secret is that you can distract yourself from everyday turmoil and problems by performing some monotonous moves and focusing you mind on a particular object. Thus, tennis can be considered a form of meditation that can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also can be an effective treatment for chronic fatigue.

Anger Management Session

Living a hectic life is not conducive to maintaining peace of mind and emotional stability. And college students know it very well. Falling behind schedule, inability to catch up on sleep, tons of homework, and part-time jobs lots of students take up to pay off their loans can put a strain on their mental condition. Temporary hardships may also lead to your inability to put a lid on your emotions. Uncontrolled bursts of anger, manifestations of aggression, both physical and verbal, can be curbed with the help of tennis. Should you feel angry because you haven’t been able to cope with your assignment and hand it in on time or experience difficulty comprehending some course material, the best way to deal with destructive emotions is to give vent to them. We suggest that you grab your racquet and focus on practicing your shots. With each hit, your anger will gradually loosen its hold on you. And the odds are good that you’ll feel much better after smashing fluorescent balls. Just like that, without any counseling, you’ll be able to blow off steam and regain your composure.

Staying Fit

Sedentary lifestyle and decrease in physical activity will no way contribute to your mental and emotional health. Therefore, it’s critical that you stay fit in college.

Playing tennis on a regular basis will help you lose weight, improve your physique, and stay fit. Moreover, besides being a great physical workout and lots of fun, tennis it’s considered one of the non-impact sports, which means that it won’t put a strain on your weight-bearing joint. So, if you previously avoided sports in fear of possible injuries and overexertion, it’s about time you set your sights on tennis.

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