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Pedro Guimarez
Hong Kong
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Playing  : Less than 3 times per week
Style  : Defensive
Hands  : Right  
Safin says something is wrong if Federer, Nadal still rule. Do you agree?  
According to Safin something is wrong if Federer, Nadal still rule. Do you agree?
No, I disagree
Who is the most entertaining player in the world?  
Forbes points at this 10 players. What's your pick?
Who will be the world no.1 in 2017?  
Who will be at the top of the rankings next year?
Should males and females have the same prize money?  
Sjokovic says no, Federer says yes.What's your call?
Was Nadal right to sue the Former French minister for doping allegations?  
Was Nadal right to sue the Former French minister for doping allegations?
Who is going to win Madrid?  
Who is going to win Madrid?
Who is going to win Indian Wells?  
Who is going to win Indian Wells?
Does Sharapova deserve a tough ban for doping  
Maria failed a drug test, does she deserve to receive a tough ban?
Who will win more slams?  
Who is going to end up his career with more slams?
Is the SABR disrespectful?  
Do yo agree with Becker that the SABR is disrespectful.
Who will win Wimbledon?  
Who will win Wimbledon in 2015?
Who is the Greatest of All Times  
Who can be considered the GOAT?
Who will win the World Tour Finals?  
Whi is going to wi the season's finale?
Should Robredo be penalized for giving fingers to Murray?  
The Spaniard was joking at the net after losing with Murray, but probably that was too much.
No, It was a joke
Toni against selection of female coach for Davis Cup. Do you Agree?  
Do you agree with Toni about the inopportunity of appointing a female coach for a Davis Cup team?
Yes, I Agree with Toni
Nadal, Djokovic, Federer still in charge. Do you agree with Berdych?  
Tomas says that despite Wawrinka win at the Australian Open, the top3 are still the bosses
Yes, they are in charge
Bollettieri: Federer is having a disappointing 2014 so far. Do you agree?  
Nick says that Federer hasn't really delivered as expected in 2014. Do you agree?
No, Roger is having a good 2014
Was Murray right to hire a female coach?  
Andy hired Mauresmo, was this a good move?
No, there is no fit
Will Kyrgios become a top player?  
After beating Nadal in Wimbledon, Nick shows his potental. Will he become a top player?
McEnroe wants to get rid of umpires and linesmen. Do you Agree?  
Another interesting proposal form the tennis legend
No, You cannot be serious
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Points : 1,608
Rank in Hong Kong:66th

Polls: 30

Comments: 401


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