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Phil Steven
South San Francisco
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I like Social Tennis

Playing  : Less than once per week
Style  : Aggressive
Hands  : Right  
Is it fair from Federer to skip the clay court season  
Tiriac says that it is not fair for Roger to skip the entire stint on the dirt. Do you think it's fair?
Losing a game for time violation? Do you agree?  
According to the US Open new rules, players can lose an entire game if they do not comply with the 25-second rule. Is this fair?
No, that's too much
Who is going to win Monte Carlo?  
Who is going to win Monte Carlo?
Will Nadal stage a complete comeback in 2016?  
Is Rafa able to get at his best level in 2016?
Who is going to win Indian Wells?  
Who is going to win Indian Wells?
Is it a good idea testing for doping all players reaching the quarters?  
Federer launches an interesting idea
Who will win more slams?  
Who is going to end up his career with more slams?
Who will win Wimbledon?  
Who will win Wimbledon in 2015?
Somebody else
Who will win the Australian Open?  
Who will win the Australian Open (ladies)?
Who will win the Australian Open?  
Who will win the Australian Open among men?
Was Murray right to hire a female coach?  
Andy hired Mauresmo, was this a good move?
No, there is no fit
Will Roger Federer become world no.1 once again?  
Can the Swiss Maestro get back at the top of the rankings?
Who is going to win in Cincinnati?  
Whi will be the winner of the ATP1000 in Cincinnati?
Was Halep right to undergo a breast reduction to improve her tennis?  
Simoan took a drastic decision to compete with the very best was she right?
Yes, she was chasing her "tennis dream"
McEnroe wants to get rid of umpires and linesmen. Do you Agree?  
Another interesting proposal form the tennis legend
No, You cannot be serious
Who is going to win in Rome?  
Who is going to be the next champion in Rome?
Crazy Idea: An "in-draw" lucky loser for walk overs?  
The "In-Draw" lucky loser rule could help to avoid huge disappointements for matches not played like the MIami semifinals
I agree
Murray doesn’t beat a top10 player since Wimbeldon 2013. Is this a definite decline?  
Can Andy find his tennis or his ranking i just desined to go south?
Yes, Murray is declining
Who is the hottest tennis player on tour?  
Vote the beauty!
Genie Bouchard
When is Roger Federer going to retire?  
We hope never, but when you think Roger is going to call it a career?



Points : 2,652
Rank in South San Francisco:17th

Polls: 20

Comments: 259


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