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Djokovic’s father attacks Federer (again)  
Srdjan wasn’t nice with the Swiss Maestro
I don`t like their attitude. I have also noticed that for the last few years they are not really attending Djokovic`s matches. Probably their own son asked not to.
Federer vs. Dinosaur  
Roger faces an uncharacteristic opponent
2.3 mil views for this? If you value 0.1 usd per view this video has a value of at least $230k. It`s crazy what you can achieve with social media when you have stars like this.
Sharapova is a cheater and nobody likes her. MLADENOVIC  
Kristina is extremely aggressive with her comments about Maria
Some of the new players are jsut desperate to grab headlines. Sharapova might not be the most likeable player on tour, but why coming out with something like this?
Kyrgios the most talented. BECKER  
Boris has great words for the young Australian
Everybody is paying lip service to Kyrgios just because they want to coach him any time soon. McEnroe at least was honest and more direct about this
NADAL. Sharapova’s case is terrible  
Rafa is not happy with what has happened with Maria
Doping is a tricky argument for Rafa that has been accused of doing it in the past. I like the fact that he was very specific for the fact that he has never tried that.
Incredible winning tweener from Brown  
Dustin Brown being Dustin Brown. Nothing news
Poor Ballboy Passes out and Face Plants in Rome 2016  
Poor guy. It`s incredible that Venus dodn`t show much care about it
Nadal and his special training for clay  
Rafa posts an interesting video about his preparation for the clay season. See video
Sometime I wonder if he does train too much. I read an interesting interview from Fed saying that at a certain age it is not anymore about putting hours of training. Rafa may consider that
Federer: I am serving better than ever  
Roger thinks that he has improved many aspects of his tennis
Come on Roger win your 7th Dubai! You have all the tools now
Nadal publishes his Babolat AeroPro Drive PLAY data  
Rafa tweets the data of his match against Kevin Anderson in Melbourne
Nice, is Babolat the only one with this device? That could be an incredible competitive advantage for them
Doping has to become legal says Camila Giorgi’s father  
Camila’s father comes up with a rather bizarre idea
Worrying ...
Australian Open helps preserve Nadal  
The Director of the slam admits they are doing their schedules in order to protect Rafa.
Not a good move. To do this they lost Federer that was visibly tired for the heat.
Maria Sharapova shows off her soccer skills!  
Surprised. Is she a lefty? He often uses the left leg
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