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Robert S
NTRP : 4.5  
Playing  : 3 times or more per week
Style  : I can mix it
Hands  : Right  
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 Mark Hall
Why I decided to play the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. MURRAY  
Andy discloses why he decided to play in Abu Dhabi instead of Perth
I am probably not romantic enough, but I think that money talks in this case
 Mark Hall
Del Potro may skip the Australian Open for fitness concerns  
Delpo is not sure he will compete during the Australian summer
There is definitely something in there. I mean he certainly had enough time to practice during the off-season, I do not think he is so desperately in need of another month to lose the Australian Open. Either he is injured or he is finding an excuse not to play in Auckland and the Davis Cup.
 Mark Hall
Moya joins Nadal’s team  
Carlos will team up with his dear friend and old pupil
I think that Rafa really needed new blood in the team. Moya is the perfect choice because he knows Nadal and his team very well, actually he is a perfect fit.
 Mark Hall
Murray nominated for knighthood  
Andy has the chance to get something special
Even if Andy might be right tat it is a bit early, that would make many fanshappy
 Mark Hall
Murray voted the greatest UK’s sportsman in history  
Andy receives a special award
It`s difficult to say if he deserves to be called the greatest sportsman in Uk`s history. Now there is a huge hype about him. He probably needs to win some more slams to consolidate his status also in tennis. This has to be the year when he get some more 2 or 3.
 Mark Hall
SHOCKING. Becker splits with Djokovic  
Boris and Novak part ways after 3 fantastic years.
Terrible decision from a professional point of view. Probably the correct one from a family point of view. I can`t see him regaining the world no.1 spot unless Murray caves in.
 Alex Boyden
IPTL DISASTER. Serena, Federer, Bouchard will not play  
The League loses 3 important pieces and there are doubts about its future
It was an interesting idea badly executed also because it seems it was just flushed with money by tycoons. The rules were too messy, complicated to follow. In a way I liked it, but the management didn`t find the right formula. Furthermore, the off season needs to be preserved for the good of everyon ...
 Mark Hall
SHOCKING. Becker to Djokovic: either me or Pepe Imaz  
Boris gives the ultimatum to Nole
This is ridiculous. Becker`s most important input was from a mental point of view. He would definitely crash with Imaz.
 Mark Hall
I won even if I broke my finger. DEL POTRO  
Juan Martin reveals how his drive brought him to defeat Cilic. VIDEO
Super effort, but I do not think that that finger mattered too much as he was just slicing or not hitting hard that back hand. Still, fantastic effort
 Alex Boyden
Murray’s wife was crucial for his world no.1. DJOKOVIC  
Nole thinks that Kim’s effort was crucial for helping his husband to achieve the world no.1 rank
Fantastic point form Novak that knows this situation first hand. Their wives are always struggling when they have a baby because they can;t have the support of their husbands. Another tricky aspect of the pro life.
 Mark Hall
Nadal is training with the HEAD to possibly leave Babolat  
Apparently, Rafa has been seen training with a new stick. VIDEO
It`s difficult to understand if that is really a head or a babolat, but the rumour was already around that he was having problems with the stiffness of the babolat. The contract is also expiring, so ... why not?
 Mark Hall
When Murray made headlines when he was 6!  
Judy posts a fantastic article on twitter. PICS
That`s a nice article. I still wonder how a 6 years old can display any tactical awareness, but I respect it
 Mark Hall
Kyrgios disrespects the Newcombe Medal  
Nick retweets a dismissing comment before having a weird exchange on Twitter with Kokkinakis about the award.
This guy is so immature. I wonder what`s going on with his support team if he has any
 Mark Hall
RANKINGS. Murray almost 1000pts above Djokovic. Raonic no.3  
Andy opens an interesting gap with Djokovic while Milos is at a career high
I do not particularly like the fact that a guy that has won only 1 tournament (an ATP250) is ranked no.3 in the world. I know that Raonic had a very consistency season, but I prefer guys winning title. In that respect I believe that players like Wawrinka (3 tournaments + 1 slam), Thiem (4 tournament ...
 Mark Hall
EPIC. Murray wins the World Tour Finals to finish the year as the world no.1  
Andy dismisses Djokovic in straight sets in the London final. VIDEOS
I am surprised by both the energy found by Andy after a tough week (actually after 6 tough months) and the horrible body language that Novak had for a big part of the match. Bottom line, we all agree that Murray fully deserved the world no.1 status
 Mark Hall
Djokovic goes ballistic over time violation  
LONDON. Nole attacks the umpire during his match against Goffin. VIDEO
Rules are rules and this one is very simple because it`s about a number. I find it incredible when the players complain. I also think that it`s not nice when they put pressure on he umpires in this way like Nadal with Bernardes.
 Mark Hall
TOO WEIRD. Murray finally beats a top5 after 6 months!  
Andy didn’t beat a top player for a long time.
Fantastic digs that put things a bit in perspective. Andy deserves to be the world no.1, but probably he took advantage from the lack of a proper competition.
 Mark Hall
NEW RANKINGS. Murray no.1, Federer out top10  
Andy is officially world no.1; Federer out top10; John is back to be the top player of his country
Besides Roger being ranked no.16 (we knew it), it still strikes me that the USA cannot produce a better player than Isner. Were are the Connors, McEnroes, Agassis, Sampras etc?
 Mark Hall
WOW. Angry Wawrinka says to French Minister to go home  
Stan wasn’t pleased with a VIP making too much noise. VIDEO
Typical stupid politician that he is too arrogant to understand how to behave and then he lies. Stan was right to tell that stuff.
 Mark Hall
Love helps Djokovic in Paris opener  
Nole plays a very good match against Gilles Muller. VIDEO
something seems to be so off...
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