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Novak Serbia1
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DOPING. Djokovic compared to Armstrong  
Nole keeps on struggling with his relationship with the media
It`s completely unfair comparing Djokovic to Armstrong. Armostrong was a serial cheather, the Djoker is just trying to make a point
Becker attacks Murray over doping allegations  
Boris is not pleased with some comments from the Scot
I do not think that Andy has said anything so bad to be honest. Probably he added something more, otherwise nothing wrong with his allegations
DOPING. Sharapova’s suspension may be overturned  
Maria’s situation is still quite blurry
A handful of people will make lots of money from this story. I think everybody knows what is going on. I just wonder how Sharapova will be received from the other players.
Berdych is innocent!  
Tomas receives an apology from the agency that accused him of being part of the Panama Papers
Exactly, it was no possible that berdych was implicated in the Panama Papers, unless he did something grossly illegal.
Federer, Djokovic in same half in Monte Carlo  
Roger and Nole may face off in the semifinal.
Oh, that quarter is absolutely great. It would be super to see eithe Coric or Thiem coming put from there.
Djokovic coaching his son!  
Nole spends some time with little Stefan on court in Monte Carlo
Novak is a special person that has never been appreciated in the tennis world as he deserves
Berdych investigated for Panama scandal  
Tomas will be investigated after his name is part of a list of 300 people accused of evading taxes
Berdych wife is high maintenance and he doesn`t earn like the to players. Probably is a way for him not to go in bankruptcy. lol
VIDEO. Federer is already training in Monte Carlo  
Roger is already practicing on clay. VIDEO
Can`t see him going beyond the semi. BTW Nice seeing back
Nishikori beats Kyrgios to reach the Miami final  
Kei plays a great semi against the young Australian. VIDEO
Nole will dismiss him in strigt sets. It was easy with Kyrgios, it won"t agaisnt Djokovic who is t another level.
Why Bouchard is probably dating Dimitrov  
Genie attended Grigor’s match against Murray. PICTURES and VIDEO
If true, this is finger licking stuff for marketers. They just need to break in the top10... a big just
Why tennis will be in trouble. NADAL  
Rafa explains why he thinks something needs to be changed
I think that the truth is i the middle. I agree with nadal that tennis amtches with 1 or 2 shots rallies are nappealing, but it`s also not appealing when he spends hours at scratching his a...
How Federer helped women to have a better prize money  
Roger says that indirectly has helped women tennis
Roger is a political animal. :-)
How Federer avoids being caught in doping  
Roger shares his own thoughts about doping
Can you imagine if Federer fails a drug tests? It would be a collapse of e tennis world
WELL DONE. Djokovic impresses for sportsmanship  
Nole gives away a very important point against Tsonga. VIDEO
This is what sports needs. A champion and a gentement. This something that has been lost for long in soccer and I am gladthat we stilhave these people in tennis
Djokovic’s father attacks Federer (again)  
Srdjan wasn’t nice with the Swiss Maestro
I think he just likes to talk. What does it mean that he doesn`t know why Federer is still playing? What a silly thing to say.
Sharapova is a cheater and nobody likes her. MLADENOVIC  
Kristina is extremely aggressive with her comments about Maria
Women tennis is great. Mladenovic has a 3-7 record this year, she has won 1 of the last 6 matches and she hits the headlines. Probably being good looking is key in women tennis
Bouchard struggles vs world no.125 in Indian Wells  
Genie wins a tricky opener in Indian Wells. VIDEO
I thin she will be back to the top10 any time, I wonder if she can become a superstar. She has lost something on her way. Dunno if she can get it back.
I will not turn my back to Sharapova. DJOKOVIC  
Nole has nice words for his friend Maria
Classy comment from the best.
Sharapova might play the Olympics  
Russian Tennis Federation president is confident that Maria can be back for this summer
I doubt she will be so lucky. Probably her President is used to Russia, the rest of the world should be different
Federer back after operation!  
[PICS] Roger has started to train on court.
Nole is waiting for him to come back. It is going to be business as usual
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