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Paul Laconte
New York
Playing  : Less than 3 times per week
Hands  : Right  
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Federer has a great draw in Wimbledon  
Roger is in Djokovic's half, but he has a fantastic path till the semis
Whatever the draw, Roger could win this Wimbledon, but he needs to play much much better than how he played in Stuttgart and Halle. If he doesn`t step up, he won`t win a single set against Djokovic/Raonic... if he gets there.
ANOREXIA. Bartoli worries tennis fans  
Marion has lost 30 kg since retiring and she doesn’t look good
This is quite extreme, I would not be surprised if something bad happens. Too much stress on her when she was a pro triggered this reaction. Pity
Federer wins opener in Halle  
Roger beats Struff in straight sets. VIDEO
Sometimes I feel that Roger is just eager to lift his moral. I can ;t see much to cheer about his latest performances to be honest.
Why Nadal’s wrist injury is particularly depressing. TONI  
Uncle Toni explains why Rafa is having a tough moment
From this interview it seems that Nadal is badly injured, but he really wants to participate to the Olympics. Not good signs.
WHY Lendl is coaching Murray again  
Andy is extremely happy for having Ivan back in his team
I love Becker`s tweet pretending to be exciting for Lendl to comeback. That means he doesn`t fear him. It is going to be fun.
Federer reaches the Stuttgart semi  
Roger beats Mayer with a double breaker. VIDEO
Much better. Solid performance, good serve. Still to improve consistency on the baseline. It will be interesting to see how he will play vs. Thiem. Still expect a straigt sets win.
Nadal retires from Wimbledon  
Rafa has to recover from his wrist injury
Sadly gone. Everybody was pointing at his knee, now it`s the wrist. The reality is that his game was too phisical. That was the fun, that was the problem
Federer survives Fritz  
Roger wins a tough match in Stuttgart. VIDEO
Roger wasn`t even close to his standards. He won just because Fritz sisn;t have much experience. He needs to do much more if he wants to go deep in Wimby
DOPING. Sharapova receives a 2 years’ ban  
Maria can be back to competitions in 2018
Very tough, but I am sure she will appeal, I think that many colleagues of her will be happy about that (not nice).
Serena 1 step away from defending her title in Paris  
The American beats Kiki Bertens in straight sets. VIDEO
100% not a great sign when they have that face after winning such an important match. Somtehing could be there
Djokovic demolishes Thiem to reach the Roland Garros final  
Nole plays a great match against Dominic to dismiss the Austrian in straight sets. VIDEO
Djokovic really needs to take this one. Probably his obsession his the biggest hurdle
Federer 5th most famous athlete. ESPN  
At 34, Roger is still worshiped around the world.
I completely agree, you can;t compare Roger with the others, he is a category by his own. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar etc are helped by the prestige of their club. Of course, they are great athletes, but nothing like Federer
Radwanska, Halep attack the Roland Garros organization  
Aga and Simona lost 2 incredible matches yesterday under the rain. VIDEO
This is what people call BAD LOSER. Tennis is about adapting to all sorts of situations. She couldn`t while Pironkova could.
Kyrgios derides Cash on Twitter  
Pat thinks Nick should ditch Twitter, Kyrgios has his own answer.
I think that Kyrgios needs to give the management of his image/social media to a specialized marketing company. Many do that like Ashton Kutcher. If he does it, we will miss his tweets, but it would be much better for him
Good that Federer and Nadal are out. GULBIS  
Ernests releases one of his interviews
Ernests is completely right. I mean, with Tsonga retiring against him, he earned 70k Eur (and he was losing 5-2), so he should be happy about that. Right?
Nadal was about to break his wrist  
Rafa’s doctor explains that there was a serious risk to Nadal’s wrist
I hope I am wrong, but this might be end in tears. I really hope to see him in Rio, he deserves tat
Why Kyrgios is fined while Djokovic, Murray are not?  
Wally thinks that Nick has a target on his back and he is unfairly treated
Tennis is completely biased. Top players take full advantage of it. I think this is quite well known
Federer back to work in the gym. VIDEO  
Roger is strengthening his back
Sshhh, Maestro at work!
Karlovic is the oldest man to reach a slam 3rd round in 25 years  
Doctor Ivo makes another record.
Karlovic is an interesting character. At first his game may seem boring because his serve his 80% of his game. But it`s intriguing the act that he often manage to beat players that are much better then him with a very aggressive tennis. Nice
Federer tweets ominous post about his comeback in Paris  
Roger is sad not to have played in Paris, but…
Roger is always the King, no matter what. He will try to play ts much as hecan and at the very igh level, that`s why he retired at the FO. I am confident he will be 100% for Wimby
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Points : 2,400
Rank in New York:47th
Polls: 9

Comments: 182

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