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Phil Steven
South San Francisco
Playing  : Less than once per week
Style  : Aggressive
Hands  : Right  
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Federer has a new street named after him  
Roger is conquering the world…
Roger is a living legend. Everyone wants a piece of him.
Berdych investigated for Panama scandal  
Tomas will be investigated after his name is part of a list of 300 people accused of evading taxes
I am not sure, but I beleve that Berdych is already resident in Monte-Carlo, so why he would use a company in Panama?
Why it is difficult to be a tennis champion. FEDERER  
Roger explains the challenges he needs to meet every day
I think he just enjoys what he is doing. He is away from the mayhem of having 4 children, the family is putting some extra cash away (if ever needed) and he is enjoying the tour, a plce where he is considered God. What`s better than that?
TOO SEXY. Sharapova shows off great form in bikini  
Maria is taking some time off in Mexico
Wow, she made a point.
Nadal booed when retiring in Miami  
Rafa couldn’t end his 1st round match for dizziness. VIDEO
I have the impression that playing miami back to back after Indian Wells is not a great idea. There are often retirements and players are often exhausted both mentally and physically
Federer will play in Miami!!!  
Roger announces with a tweet his participation at the Miami Open.
Fantastic!!! There were some rumours about a possible early comeback. Super news
Bouchard demolishes racket  
Genie couldn’t contain her rage in Indian Wells. VIDEO
oh.. she looks really nice :-)
Djokovic’s father attacks Federer (again)  
Srdjan wasn’t nice with the Swiss Maestro
It is still a mistery , why he comes out with this stuff after so much time. I think Roger was wrong to be too tough agaisnt Novak, but that is done and dusted.
Zverev upsets Dimitrov  
Sascha beats Grigor 6-4 3-6 7-5. VIDEO
Dimitrov has still time to win something important. He will probably not win 10 slams, but he can achieve something. Look at wawrinka for example.
Murray doesn’t believe Sharapova  
Andy is not convinced with Maria’s explanations
Agree, Andy was sincere in his comments. Probably Serena sounded a bit "artificial" when she lauded Sharapova for her courage.
Kyrgios the most talented. BECKER  
Boris has great words for the young Australian
I do not think that Boris is interested in coaching any other player after Djokovic, he just wants to hit the headlines right now.
Serena supports Sharapova  
The American is impressed by the courage Maria had in her doping case
I am curious to see what Federer is going to say. Probably same bla bla bla.
Kyrgios F bombs top journalist  
Nick hits the headlines for the wrong reason… again
I think Nick was right to be upset, because thst journalist was too tough. Of course, insulting wasn`t the right thing to do.
Federer at the Oscars to support DiCaprio  
Roger will be in LA for the Oscars
Roger being Roger. This guy is beyond tennis. Pity he can;t play in IW btw
Sharapova retires from Brisbane. INJURY  
Maria withdraws because of a left arm injury.
I have the feeling that her career won`t last much. She is more interested in business than tennis right now, so we might have a surprise pretty soon.
I had great moments with Wawrinka. KYRGIOS  
Nick says that everything is fine now
He is making so much effort to redeem his image. Not sure everyone is convinced with that
WOW. Is this Federer’s airplane?  
Roger has his own way to move around the world
And I thought that using Uber was cool!
Federer surprises with his 2016 schedules  
Roger has removed all clay court events from his schedules with the exception of the French Open.
PeRFect schedules. He is the boss from planning to execution
Federer. Why I was worried about playing the IPTL  
Roger shares his thoughts about the league
I am not sure that Roger likes the IPTL that much. BTW it`s part of the game playing these exhibitions
Sharapova fights with fan on Twitter  
Maria didn’t like a remark on the social media
It`s a bit lame how some stars use twitter. They pretend to show their real side while they just want to earn the extra bucks. Then it backfires for good.
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Points : 2,652
Rank in South San Francisco:17th
Polls: 17

Comments: 252

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