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[PICS] Casey Dellacqua has daughter from her girlfriend  
Casey had another gift from Amanda
DOPING. Nadal sues former French minister  
Rafa confirms he is suing Roselyne Bachelot
Good move. It`s terrible thata perdon insults such a legend for the sake of it.
Dimitrov splits with Nicole Scherzinger  
According to rumors Grigor and Nicole part ways
Probably Grigor did improve much with his tennis, but he is getting better and better in terms of girlfriends. lol
Djokovic opens concept restaurant in Monte Carlo  
Nole and Jelena open Eqvita restaurant in the Principality
Not the right place to go for pizza. Beleive me! lol
Federer, Djokovic in same half in Monte Carlo  
Roger and Nole may face off in the semifinal.
Federer has a big shot at the final. I agree that even if Djokovic is superior than anyone he will be exausted if he reaches the semi. Still Nole is stronger than Federer on clay, but this time Roger can break him
Kowalczyk disqualified for hitting opponent  
Something weird happened in Naples
Nice dive also from the other player. Soccer-like
Sharapova is unlikeable, cocky and cold. CIBULKOVA  
Dominika is not shy about her feelings for Maria.
It appears that only males like Sharapova. For a reason or two :-)
Why it is difficult to be a tennis champion. FEDERER  
Roger explains the challenges he needs to meet every day
You can imageine how tough i can be for players competing onlhy in secondary tournaments!
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Sidorenko hits shot of the year  
The world no.379 performs an amazing No-Look, Over-The-Shoulder Passing Shot. VIDEO
If I try that I smash my face with the racket. BTW, I think that Kamke was extremely slow at the net, he was probably not expecting that
TOO SEXY. Sharapova shows off great form in bikini  
Maria is taking some time off in Mexico
This is a marking campaign. NOthing wrong with that
Federer enjoys life in Miami beach  
Roger is still having fun in Miami
Probably I am too suspicious, but I doubt that Roger had a stomach virus in Miami
Why Bouchard is probably dating Dimitrov  
Genie attended Grigor’s match against Murray. PICTURES and VIDEO
It has to be true. Genie lost 5 days ago and there would be no point for her to stay in Miami unless there are other reasons. One of these might be Dimitrov.
Serena Williams shocked in Miami  
The American loses to Kuznetsova in 3 sets. VIDEO
Serena needs strong motivation and she nneds to enjoy what she is doing. It;s not the case right now
Troicki goes airborne in Miami  
Viktor does something strange while playing Goffin
I think it would be nice if they would allow these kinds of shots. Just to add more spice
Murray furious for having served with women’s ball  
Andy is not impressed with what has happened in Miami. VIDEO
Agree very stupid and childish behavior.
How Federer avoids being caught in doping  
Roger shares his own thoughts about doping
Federer is too smart to fail a drug test. Nice when he said he cannot believe athletes are so stupid to take illegal drugs
Bouchard crashes out in Miami Opener  
Genie loses to Hradecka . VIDEO
Genie has such a strong marketing appeal, but she needs to stay at least i nthe top10. She is quite far from that
Murray attacks Djokovic for sexist remarks  
Andy strongly disagrees with Nole’s remarks
The solution is easy and straightforward. The association with the players that appeals more for whatever reason should earn more
Why men should earn more than women. DJOKOVIC  
Nole explains why the ATP players should earn more money
Typical BS from moralist. I mean, Djokovic is right. If men attract more spectators and money than women, shy the should earn the same?
Bouchard post pictures in bikini  
Genie is not shy to show off once again
Well.. I can say "Thank you". Not sure why sh edid it, but who cares?
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