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Pedro Guimarez
Hong Kong
Playing  : Less than 3 times per week
Style  : Defensive
Hands  : Right  
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Monfils executes jumping-volley-tweener  
Gael produces another magic. VIDEOS
Always fun to watch even if he does useless things sometimes
Kyrgios using Federer's SABR  
Nick is trying to emulate the Maestro, with not much success so far. VIDEO
The difference is that Roger does it for a reson, while Kyrgios does it just because he can
WEIRD. Monfils demolishes scoreboard at the US Open  
Gael had a rough encounter on court. VIDEO
Text book monfils I guess
We are close to our level. TONI NADAL  
Uncle Toni is satisfied with how things are going at the Flushing Meadows
Unfortunately there is also the questionmark of the wrist, but he can definitely win this US Open especially if Djokovic is not at his best
Nadal thinks he can still win a slam, if…  
Rafa in not done with the majors
Rafa has everything to win another slam. He just needs some luck
Was Nadal rejected by Chinese Restaurant?  
Apparently Rafa didn’t have a great day after losing the bronze
Oh, he just decided to stick to the Japaense. I wonder if Nishikori was there...
Nadal, Lopez win the gold medal!  
Rafa and Marc win a historic gold. VIDEO
Rafa proved wrong all the so-called pro players that snubbed the Olympics. This is a great page for he sport and other players should (always) learn from him.
High emotions for a fabulous Nadal in Rio  
Rafa reaches the quarters in singles and he qualifies for the final in doubles. VIDEO
It`s so nice to see an athlete being so happy "just" to win a medal. Gulbis considered the Olympics as tennis tourism, he needs to learn a lot from Rafa
Djokovic will not play in Cincinnati  
Nole decides not to play the ATP1000
Novak has lost against a guy that is struggling to hit his backhand. OK, Del Potro played well, but something is ot right with Djokovic. I am sure he is having some phisical problmes
WEIRD. Del Potro rescued from Olympic Village elevator by Argentine handball team  
Juan Martin started his Sunday in a funny way.
The Organization in Rio doesn`t seem to be good enough for this event. Nobody is surprised though
WHY Federer did the right move. GODSICK  
Roger’s agent explains why Roger made the right choice to retire for the rest of the season.
Everything sounds a bit fishy. I would not be surprised to know that Federer has another operation to either his back or his knee.
Nadal may retire from Rio singles  
According to reports, Rafa may play only doubles
It would be great if Rafa participates at least in 1 competition. He deserves to represent his nation at the Games. It`s not even important anymore if he gets a medal, but he needs to be there
Federer, Nadal will not play the Rogers Cup  
Roger and Rafa join Murray in not competing in Toronto
This is the result of bad planning. Roger, Rafa and Andy know that they cannot compete properly if they play 6 tournaments in 1 months (Rogers Cup; men, doubles and mixed in Rio, Cincinnati and the US Open).
Cuevas, Klizan to clash in the Hamburg final  
Pablo and Martin reach the final in Germany with straight sets wins. VIDEO
So the strongest player that both finalists have defeated was the world no.66. If you consider that the last year Nadal won this tournament, the organization has to be rather disappointed.
Cibulkova wins epic against Radwanska  
Dominika beats Aga in 3 hours. VIDEO
Fantastic match, a huge fight from both. Cibulkova has shown once again she has a big heart
I am old, that’s why they help me with schedules. FEDERER  
Roger jokes about his draw and schedules. VIDEO
This is such a tricky call. From one side it is completely unfair that Roger is always scheduled on centre court; on the other side he is the guy that can always make a full house and the organization is also using that money to pay the other players, so...
Kyrgios, Hewitt show super skills in Ping Pong  
Nick and Lleyton enjoy their time in London
He can"t cope with losing at anything. Probably the secret of a champion?
I am missing only 1 thing. FEDERER  
Roger reflects after losing in Halle against Zverev. VIDEO
I think he is missing more than that. He is probably lacking also a bit of confidence and that is really bad to compete at these levels
Federer reaches the Stuttgart semi  
Roger beats Mayer with a double breaker. VIDEO
He played better than he did vs Fritz, but he is still very far from his very best. It seems he is not confident about his overall fitness. He keeps on talking about energy.
Nadal retires from Wimbledon  
Rafa has to recover from his wrist injury
It`s not over till it`s over. However, I expect him to go to Rio at least to be the flag bearer. That is a sort of life achievement for him. He may play a couple of matches and then if he is not good he could retire. It`s a bit of a wait and see, but I also do not see him going through what Del Potr ...
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Points : 1,608
Rank in Hong Kong:66th
Polls: 30

Comments: 394

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