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Federer hurt himself against Raonic  
The tournament director explains why Federer will not play the Rogers Cup
I hope he is not badly hurt. It seems that the age is catching.
Federer falls to Raonic  
Milos beats Roger in 5 sets to reach the final in Wimbledon. VIDEO
The image is self explanatory. I think at that point Roger was more upset for the 4th set than for the fall. Pity, he really missed a bif chance
Serena defends equal pay in tennis  
The American thinks it is fair to be paid has her male counterparts.
I do not think Serena is stupid. She is just trying to defend her position. I think it is human.
Simon threatens to sue umpire  
Gilles loses his cool in Wimbledon. VIDEO
It seems to be dangerous being a chair umpire in tennis nowadays!
Federer hits volley while falling down  
Roger comes out with one of his shots. VIDEO
Actually this volley was ever nicier thatn what has been shown. In fact Roger had a perfect placement in down the line. He ended up losing that point, but what a magic!
Nadal retires from Wimbledon  
Rafa has to recover from his wrist injury
If he doesn`t quickly recover from this, it`s game over. I cannot see Rafa going through an operation and wait another year and half before being fully fit at 30 years of age. His body is badly battered, he has won 14 slams and he is already a legend. It might be time to move on.
Federer survives Fritz  
Roger wins a tough match in Stuttgart. VIDEO
Roger was very weak form the back where he had problems with consistency. He was sharp at the net and he served well. This is what has allowed him to come out of jail. Next with Mayer will be much tougher, but I think that if he finds his way in this tournament he will be fine for Wimbledon. Then we ...
Federer halted by the rain in Stuttgart  
Roger had to stop to play because of the rain. VIDEO
Far too early to say. Still missing his tennis too much...
Dimitrov loses 5th consecutive match  
Grigor is defeated by Del Potro in Stuttgart. VIDEO
I must be very depressing for Dimitrov. He was considered the athlete with the most potential (not only tennis) in the world and now he is almost officially a wasted talent. Shame, I also like his style a lot, but if he doesn`t win there is not much use of it
[VIDEO] Federer practices in Stuttgart  
Roger hits the court in Germany, but...
Good to play, great reaching the semi, dream to win? I think that something is still very wrong
Thiem breaks in the top10  
Dominic is now ranked no.7 after reaching the Roland Garros semifinal
I have no doubts he will get in the top3. Almost sure he will be a world no.1 after the Big4 will be out of the game. (max 4 years if not before)
Murray congratulates Djokovic  
Andy admitted that Novak was sharper and he wasn’t able to play well in the important moment
Strange interview from Murray that hints that he is not so proud about what he has achieved so far. The guy has played 10 slam finals, he has won Wimbledon, the Us Open, the Olympics, the Davis Cup, 12 ATP1000 and 36 titles. He might be already proud about this
Kyrgios pulls out from the Olympics  
Nick was unhappy with the treatment received from the Australian Olympic Committee
I think he was right not to play. he was unwanted and I bet that he is not 100% sincere when he says he was eager to play for Australia t(that communicate was clearly written by a lawyer or a PR company). To be honest, I am not sure Kyrgios how long he is going to last.
Federer 5th most famous athlete. ESPN  
At 34, Roger is still worshiped around the world.
I think Roger is no.1. I mean he is the only athlete among the list that has lifted his sport big time. The others are great talents, but they are part of a tea. Roger is just another level
Haase loses a point after mocking his opponent’s grunt  
Robin was part of an entertaining episode
I do not like when people make fun of other people, especially on a tennis court. But that was too much
Radwanska, Halep attack the Roland Garros organization  
Aga and Simona lost 2 incredible matches yesterday under the rain. VIDEO
Oh please, she was operated so many years ago. Radwanska was jsut not able to cope with a different situation and she was quite pathetic how she handle the entire thing
Kyrgios derides Cash on Twitter  
Pat thinks Nick should ditch Twitter, Kyrgios has his own answer.
Kyrgios is completely out of control. At least media have fun with this, but if he doesn`t regroup, I doubt he can win anything meaningful.
Good that Federer and Nadal are out. GULBIS  
Ernests releases one of his interviews
FInally a guy that does not pretend to be sad. I am sure they are all happy about that.
Why Kyrgios is fined while Djokovic, Murray are not?  
Wally thinks that Nick has a target on his back and he is unfairly treated
That was also nasty. You do not humiliate your brother and biggest fan in front of everyone in that way.
Why I hired McEnroe. RAONIC  
Milos explains why he decided to collaborate with the American Legend
I think it as a great idea. If John can work with the others, he might give valuable insights to Milos especially on how to get to the net. I think that he realizes he cannot compete at the very top only with a great service and a decent (but not formidable) game on the baseline. He should find a be ...
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