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 Mark Hall
Bouchard buys $3.8-million penthouse in Miami. PICTURES  
Genie buys a stunning apartment in Florida
No.53 in the world, 1 tournament won. I guess if you are goodlooking and a female you can achieve a lot...
 Mark Hall
FUNNY. Djokovic reprimanded by his wife on Facebook live  
Something funny happened in Montecarlo. VIDEO
LOL so funny at the end when Jelena understands that she has done a mess
 Mark Hall
Federer signs to Basel until 2019!!!  
Roger will play the next 3 editions of the home tournament. VIDEO
After reading this news I think that he plans to play at lest for 3 more season, then ... we will see!
 Alex Boyden
POSTER CONTROVERSY. Is Federer's prominence over Murray wrong?  
The promotional poster of the Miami Open has been criticized… is that right?
They gave prominence to the world no.1 (YTD rankings), the winner of the last slam, the player with the most slams, and the most admired tennis player in history. Nothing wrong with that
 Mark Hall
HEARTBREAKING. How Federer remembers his late coach  
Roger honors Peter Carters’ memory every year
It`s incredible how Fed gets serious and almost tearful when he talks about him
 Mark Hall
Why and how I defeated Nadal. FEDERER  
Roger explains his match and his feelings. VIDEO
It`s interesting when he says that he played the ball not the opponent. A good lesson to follow
 Mark Hall
SHOCKING. Becker to Djokovic: either me or Pepe Imaz  
Boris gives the ultimatum to Nole
...also.. who the hell is this Imaz!??? A guy that defines hmself a divine being? Too much stress may have kileld Novak
 Mark Hall
Why Murray deserves the world no.1 rank. DJOKOVIC  
Novak explains why he thinks that the Brit deserves what he has achieved
It must be difficult for Novak to admit that somebody else has been better after his domination for hte last 2 years. I am sure he is not 100% done, but I doubt that he can get back to world no.1 if he doesnlt have a great run in London
I am strugging with the pressure. DJOKOVIC  
Nole admits that he has been struggling in dealing with expectations.
It`s a tough life at the top. Everyone wants to beat you, everyone is ready to criticize you. I think that Novak had an amazing ride so far.
TOO FUNNY. Djokovic imitates Fognini  
Nole achieves new heights. VIDEO
Funny, also I do not like Fognini much because of tthis kind of behaviour. So nice to see Novak ridiculing it.
How I will choose my coach. KYRGIOS  
Nick is still undecided about his new coach
He is in a very urgent need to have a coach. The issue is how long a coach may last with him.
Kyrgios sledges Djokovic  
Nick criticizes Djokovic for the medical time-out taken during the US Open final.
I think he is losing it to be hones. Also this whining that he doesn`t want to play tennis is weird
Murray can be the world no.1. HENMAN  
Tim thinks that Andy has a shot at the top rank in 2017.
I completely agree. Especially if Andy has a strong end of the season and the Djoker doesn`t recover from his injuries or whatever he has right now
Djokovic to undergo surgery  
Nole will have to fix his toe.
I think Novak needs to take some "serious" time off. He is completely burnt out
Wawrinka asks for more transparency over medical time out  
Stan wasn’t happy on how Djokovic’s injury was treated during the US Open final
Still debatable if the Djoker abused the TO, but many players do it. The rules are not clear in this Wawrinka is absolutely right and they need to fix this.
INCREDIBLE. Wozniacki doesn’t challenge a ball out to lose the semi-final  
Caroline didn’t challenge the ball that made her lose the US Open semifinal.
UPS... poor judgment from wozniacki.
Serena lost because of her knee. MOURATOGLOU  
William’s coach explains why Serena lost the semi-final. VIDEO
OK, Serena had problems, but he could have given some credit to PLiskova. I think she played a damn good match.
Pouille’s girlfriend happy at the US Open  
Lucas had a special spectator enjoying his triumph against Nadal.
Lucky guy. He must also have a nice persoanlity.
Djokovic has horrible draw at the US Open  
Nole will face Janowicz in the opener to possibly face Cilic in the quarters.
Djokovic has "issues" I cannot see him winning this US Open. Murray, Raonic are my favorite
DRAW. Murray, Nadal favourite in Cincinnati… if they play  
Andy and Rafa may clash in the final, but there are doubts about their presence
Rafa will definitely not play. Murray possible. The favorites are Raonic and Wawrinka. Both fresh and ready
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