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Clara Smith
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 Mark Hall
Federer, Djokovic, Dimitrov, and Haas achieve sort of singing greatness  
Roger, Grigor, and Tommy sing again with a special video bomb. VIDEO
It seems that Tommy is the only one that can really sing. Roger doing nothing just putting 18 slams in it (LOL), Grigor the look
 Alex Boyden
CAREFUL ROGER! Federer had a risky moment with his right knee  
Roger was caught in the net during his promotional trip in Prague.
Heart attack for his fans! :-)
 Alex Boyden
POSTER CONTROVERSY. Is Federer's prominence over Murray wrong?  
The promotional poster of the Miami Open has been criticized… is that right?
The good news is that the womenare both black, so there is no call for racism LOL
 Mark Hall
HEARTBREAKING. How Federer remembers his late coach  
Roger honors Peter Carters’ memory every year
When you say heart of a champion. What a nice story.
 Mark Hall
LEGEND. Federer goes beyond greatness with 18th slam  
Roger beats Nadal in a match that is already an epic. VIDEOS
Another chapter of this incredible rivalry
 Mark Hall
Federer almost beheaded by kid during beach tennis  
Roger hits the Cottesloe beach after his training.. and a kid gave him hard time!
LOL I love this. Roger wants to show off, and the kid doesn`t care. Great!
 Alex Boyden
Schiavone shows off amazing form during training  
Francesca has still a lot of gas in the tank
She is amzing. I am not even sure she will break in the top50. Still fine!
 Mark Hall
Djokovic wasn’t working hard enough. BECKER  
Boris explains why he parted ways with Djokovic
It`s not great when somebody (coach) accuses a pro player of not putting enough effort. It doesn`t look professional
I can be world no.1 in Spring 2017. MURRAY  
Andy explains why he should get the top spot of the rankings next year.
No doubts he will be world no.1 this coming spring. I also think he can make it before especially if he wins the title in Vienna
$35.845 pocketed by Kyrgios for NOT COMPETING in Shanghai  
The Australian will get a great check after a disgraceful performance. VIDEO
They should take away from him the prize money, the ATP point and ban him for at least 3 months.
Wawrinka asks for more transparency over medical time out  
Stan wasn’t happy on how Djokovic’s injury was treated during the US Open final
I agree with Stan. I am not 100% convinced about Djokovic`s sincerity in his apology
Wawrinka wins the US Open!  
Stan beats Djokovic in 4 sets. VIDEOs
Completely deserved. He has been always in the shadow of Federer, he is now blossoming. Great!
LUCKY. Thiem with stunning blonde after US Open win  
Dominic is making interesting fans in New York. VIDEO
It seems that these tennis players are particulrly lucky with blondes nowadays
INCREDIBLE. Murray close to be disqualified after failing a match point  
Andy wasn’t far from committing tennis suicide in Cincinnati. VIDEO
Stunning. Probably Djokovic was even worse because he would have lost the Roland Garros after so many years chasing
Del Potro beats Nadal after epic in Rio  
Juan Martin defeats Rafa in 3 sets to play for the gold. VIDEO
Delpo won`t win this, but it will be fun. Actually it was fun
Lopez (34), Karlovic (37) to play the Los Cabos final  
Feliciano and Ivo are 1 step away from the title I Mexico. VIDEO
It would be great to see Karlovic winning another title. He is 37, he has only 1 shot and he is ot giving up.
Djokovic will not play in Cincinnati  
Nole decides not to play the ATP1000
Injury or mental fatigue are the only explanations. Winning a lot is very tiring and he seems to be exausted
Canadian fans are better than Australians. KYRGIOS  
Nick criticizes the supporters of his own country
Nick needs to attend a course on PR
Federer shows the real Baby Federer  
Roger posts a cute picture from when he was a newborn.
Oh that`s really cute. Actually he got better and better. nice pic though
Player threatened with rape  
Richel Hogenkamp received a horrible message on Facebook
I hope they catch this idiot. That`s a bit unsettling
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