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Ten Nis
NTRP : 5  
Playing  : Less than once per week
Style  : I can mix it
Hands  : Right  
Preferences  : Single,
Favorite Court  : Hard, Outdoor
Agree Received
Agree Given
 Mark Hall
Sugita wins maiden ATP title  
The Japanese wins in Antalya. VIDEO
Yeah! Yes! Hooray! Fist Pump!
 Mark Hall
Wildcard granted to Sharapova, denied to Schiavone in Rome!  
According to reports, the Lioness may need to qualify to access the main draw.
It always been about business. Whether is a good business strategy that will all depend on whether will there be a crowd for her when Sharapova plays.
 Mark Hall
Thanasi Kokkinakis at The Boodles  
No luck for Maxime Hamou
SHOCKING. Is Djokovic firing Becker?  
SHANGHAI. Nole hints that he may part ways with Boris starting from the next season.
Is Becker drunk ? :p
LEAKED. Murray’s note before playing Dimitrov  
The TV shows interesting insights about Andy’s notes. PIC
Michael Chang didthat during his time too. His is a book!
FANTASTIC Kyrgios reaches the final in Tokyo  
Nick plays an amazing semifinal against Monfils to reach the final in Japan. VIDEO
Hope he can do his ritual (make out) prior the finals :p
Kyrgios sledges Djokovic  
Nick criticizes Djokovic for the medical time-out taken during the US Open final.
Come on..... if the umpire grant it, take it. Arrow should point to the official.
Murray can be the world no.1. HENMAN  
Tim thinks that Andy has a shot at the top rank in 2017.
of course, coz it said "can be" not will be/shall be. :p
Canadian fans are better than Australians. KYRGIOS  
Nick criticizes the supporters of his own country
Kyrgios , ur country men knew what they saw. u can`t blame them.
Federer saves 3 MPs to win epic against Cilic  
Roger reaches the semifinal in Wimbledon after an incredible match. VIDEO
I felt d pain on Cilic.
McEnroe criticizes Kyrgios  
John wasn’t impressed with Nick's performance in Wimbledon. VIDEO
Kyrgios is a teenager trapped in an adult body. He needs more time to understand from other who mentor him.
Serena threatens to sue umpire  
The American was worried about playing on a wet grass. VIDEO
If that`s how players want to put d blame on the umpire, new rule will let both players to decide themselves. If they can`t come to term, the official would then take stand.
Roger Federer: Incredible passing shot  
At times whern we just face it, it will just do it.
Djokovic furious for being accused of voluntarily losing a match  
Nole wasn’t happy with an allegation from an Italian newspaper. VIDEO
He Shld sue whoever said so. Ref to how much he get from his endorsement, unllikely d offer is good enough to temp him.
Tomic gets mad about paying $20 court fee  
Bernard is once again at the center of a not very nice situation
Is not about who is paying for d crt eventually.Is about if someone have booked and secured d court, the club management should honour it and not because of a big shot player calling for d doing.
WHY Federer can beat Djokovic in 5 sets. GILBERT  
According to Brad Roger will have the weapons to beat Noel in 5 sets matches.
Don`t think about 5 Sets, just play at ur best will do even if u looses or victory.
Kyrgios. I want to win 1 slam next year  
Nick sets quite a high target for 2016
Everyone has it own ambition/dream, the only diff is how realistic it could be.
INCREDIBLE. Niculescu wins a match without a racket!  
Monica wins the most incredible match point in Guangzhou. VIDEO
Her racket contacted the ball before racket leave the player`s hand.
Federer. I may use the SABR even more  
Roger is quite happy with his new invention
SABR is not new, it`s just another name given related to Roger. The tactic is the similar as CAC.
Djokovic. Federer deserves full support from the crowd  
Nole is not upset for having the crowd against him
He is fun, just that charisma is something that can"t be trained compared to Roger.
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Points : 32,994
Rank in Singapore:1st
Comments: 44

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