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 Mark Hall
DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR. Mannarino fined £7,000 for bumping into ballboy  
The Frenchman has a horrible behavior with a ball boy once again
That kick was pure evil, and how terrified was that kid when he trew the racket at him? (he knew very well the boy was there)
 Mark Hall
Millman: “Nadal abused me”  
A monstrous Nadal demolishes MIllman in straight sets in Wimbledon. VIDEO
This was a serious annihilation!
 Mark Hall
Mladenovic stunning in swim costume  
Kiki appears in great form on the Paris Match magazine.
She has a fantatstic silhouette. She will have many more offers especially he she stays in the top20/10
 Mike Milazzo
The quarter of death. INDIAN WELLS  
Who will come out from one of the toughest quarters ever?
This is an opportunity for Nole to get back in style
 Alex Boyden
DOPING. WHY Sharapova may not get a wild card from the Roland Garros  
Maria may need to play the qualifications in Paris
It would be the best decision not to grant the wild card. That means integrity
 Mark Hall
WEIRD. Djokovic to play Acapulco after ditching Dubai  
Nole announces he will play in Acapulco next week. VIDEO
Just a fantastic news, to enjoy!
 Mark Hall
Half-naked Bouchard stuns in Sport Illustrated photos  
Genie amazes again with stunning pictures on the beach. VIDEO
Hottest player around, no doubts about it!
 Mark Hall
Umpire hit by Shapovalov had surgery to repair fracture under his eye  
Arnaud Gabas had a successful operation in France
I think that...Absolutely. They ban (rightly so) Kyrgios for tanking a match and they do not ban Shapovalov for sending the umpire to the hospital? OK, it wasn`t intentional, `but still it was completely reckless and with consecuences.
 Mark Hall
This is my last season with Rafa. TONI NADAL  
Uncle Toni will focus only on the Academy in 2018
Best possible decision. I am sure that moya and toni would have risked fighting. I think moya had the same problem in raonic team
 Mark Hall
TOO HOT? Tennis players not shy on Social Media  
Bouchard, Wozniacki, Vesnina, and Jaksic show off on Twitter and Instagram
Nothing wrong with that, I just hope that then after some comments they do not call other people sexists
 Mark Hall
Maradona and girlfriend on fire during Davis Cup final  
Diego is in Croatia siding for his nation with his fiance Rocio Oliva. VIDEOS
I wonder if he really cares about the final or he just wants to put up a show
 Mark Hall
Federer and Co. congratulate Murray and Djokovic for the season  
Roger sent a nice tweet addressing the top 2 players in the world
Very classy from Roger to give credit to Nole for the start of he season. NIce
 Mark Hall
EPIC. Murray wins the World Tour Finals to finish the year as the world no.1  
Andy dismisses Djokovic in straight sets in the London final. VIDEOS
Well done! Massive achievement especially because it was achieved after a crazy 6 months run.
 Mark Hall
WOW. Angry Wawrinka says to French Minister to go home  
Stan wasn’t pleased with a VIP making too much noise. VIDEO
Stan the Man!!!! Love him
 Mark Hall
Half-naked Bouchard imitates Kim Kardashian - PICS  
Genie comes out with a weird initiative
Genie is now ranked no.47. She is hot, nut better focussing on tennis right now
 Mark Hall
A love guru to take Becker’s place with Djokovic?  
Nole is adopting an all new approach to tennis
Kyrgios pulls out from Rotterdam to play the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game  
Nick keeps on showing that he doesn’t care much about the sport.
Kyrgios is a real pro. Very committed to his job
SHOCKING. Is Djokovic firing Becker?  
SHANGHAI. Nole hints that he may part ways with Boris starting from the next season.
I really hope they will keep on staying together. They have achieved so much success together. Unfortunately, I know that everything comes to an end.
$35.845 pocketed by Kyrgios for NOT COMPETING in Shanghai  
The Australian will get a great check after a disgraceful performance. VIDEO
I think they should introduce a rule that if somebody is tanking he needs not to pocket any prize money, but needs to pay as a penalty the same amount he would have received
DOPING. Sharapova’s ban cut to 15 months  
Maria’s ban has been reduced from 2 years to 15 months
What a mess guys, what a mess!
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