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Paul Laconte
New York
Playing  : Less than 3 times per week
Hands  : Right  
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 Alex Boyden
Fantastic Kyrgios beats Tsonga  
Nick beats the Frenchman in 4 sets. VIDEO
Nick is cleaning up his image. Good for him and for tennis!
 Alex Boyden
The American hits a new DEEP low.VIDEO
Bad loser, terrible sportsmanship
 Mark Hall
TOO TRASHY TO BE REAL. The Next Gen event had an awful start  
Something weird and extremely wrong happened in Milan. VIDEO
That`s a new low for an official event. I wonder who was the genius...
 Mark Hall
RETIREMENT. Federer reveals when he is going to retire  
Roger explains why he is still on tour and when he is going to call it a career
I think he is going to stick around for 3/4 years if nothing major happens... Probably playing even less than now.
 Mark Hall
BANKRUPTCY. Boris Becker to sell his Wimbledon trophies  
The German is still struggling with his debts
A great tennis player may not be a great businessman (Tiriac Excluded)
 Mark Hall
FUNNY. Federer beats Kyrgios doing the opposite of what Nadal said to him  
Something unimaginable happened in Prague…VIDEO
LOL, I am sure that Roger meant to dothat...:-)
 Mark Hall
Federer, Nadal have fun in Laver Cup win  
Roger and Rafa win their first match together. VIDEO
The court looks too small when these 2 giants are in it on the same side.
 Mark Hall
Shapovalov shares his love for Canada  
Denis is elated with his performance against Indian and he is looking forward to playing more Davis Cup ties. VIDEO
This guy has absolutely everything to be the next big one. He is entertaining, he has a great tennis, a wonderful attitude, and the physic
 Mark Hall
1 STAT was amazing for Nadal in the final  
Rafa surprised in one aspect of the game against Anderson
Amazing how he has managed to improve some more aspects of his tennis after his prime. When they say that he is done, he always proves otherwise
 Mark Hall
18-year-old, Shapovalov upsets Nadal  
Denis beats Rafa after an epic match in Montreal. VIDEO
This guy can be bigger than Zverev because he is fun and his tennis is muc more spectacular. If he can back that with solid results, he will be the next big one.
 Alex Boyden
TOO FUNNY. Kyrgios mistakes lines judge for ball boy  
Nick does one of his things in Montreal. VIDEO
Kyrios has the full potential of becoming an improved version of Monfils, and with his tennis... it`s not good.
 Mark Hall
Federer: “What I am going to do to win Wimbledon”  
Roger explains what he is going to do to conquer the Championships. VIDEO
With Querrey, Cilic, Berdych (not in his prime), Roger can only lose this Wimbledon. He is the mega hot favorite
 Alex Boyden
OUTSIDE HINDRANCE. Why it was correct not to replay the Konta, Halep match point  
Simona was disturbed when playing the last point of her Wimbledon quarter against Jo Konta, but that point didn’t have to be replayed. VIDEO
That is the rule, still it wasn`t great for Simona
 Mark Hall
DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR. Mannarino fined £7,000 for bumping into ballboy  
The Frenchman has a horrible behavior with a ball boy once again
What as a@@@@. The last part of the video kicking him the boy in the throat/chest was too much.
 Alex Boyden
Kyrgios spotted with blonde and brunette at London night club  
Nick enjoys the London nightlife after retiring from Wimbledon
Kyrgios and Tomic give such a bad impression. It`s like they race for embarrassment.
 Mark Hall
SHOCKING. Djokovic splits with all his coaching staff  
Nole shocks again with a surprising move
He is in complete freefall. done. It was clear since he hired his love guru.
 Mark Hall
Why the Hawkeye is not used on clay  
There are some technical issues why the system is not used on the dirt
It`s very interesting, but I feel that they can find the time to recalibrate on important court for important matches like the one between Rafa and David
 Alex Boyden
TERRIBLE. Konta reduced to tears after being insulted by Nastase  
Something horrible happened in Romania. VIDEO
Nastase was also banned from the Davis Cup in the 90s. This is the guy
 Alex Boyden
INCREDIBLE. Couple having sex stop tennis match  
Something extremely weird happened Sarasota. VIDEO
That was great.. I mean, probably not only the news!
 Mark Hall
Wildcard granted to Sharapova, denied to Schiavone in Rome!  
According to reports, the Lioness may need to qualify to access the main draw.
Impossible to comment this news. Disgusting!
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Points : 2,400
Rank in New York:47th
Polls: 8

Comments: 165

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