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Steven Dan
Playing  : Less than once per week
Style  : Defensive
Hands  : Right  
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 Alex Boyden
Fantastic Djokovic beats Murray to win the title in Doha  
Nole defeats Andy in a 3 setter. VIDEO
What a nice way to lose from Murray. He was defeated by is greatest rival of the moment and he still had that huge smile. Nice
 Alex Boyden
VIDEO. Murray is working extremely hard in Miami  
Andy is preparing for 2017 following an extremely tough regime
Edmund doesn`t seem as committed to be honest.
 Mark Hall
Murray voted the greatest UK’s sportsman in history  
Andy receives a special award
Probably deserved even if it is the hype of the moment
 Alex Boyden
World no.233 retired from final after her father passed away watching her  
Daniela Seguel had to face a devastating loss during her final in Santiago
can`t think any worse than that. Sorry.
 Mark Hall
When Murray made headlines when he was 6!  
Judy posts a fantastic article on twitter. PICS
Lovely. A 6 year old with tactical awareness???!!!!!
 Mark Hall
Federer and Co. congratulate Murray and Djokovic for the season  
Roger sent a nice tweet addressing the top 2 players in the world
Roger has achieved so much that he is not shy/envious to acknowledge the success of his colleagues.
 Mark Hall
WOW. Angry Wawrinka says to French Minister to go home  
Stan wasn’t pleased with a VIP making too much noise. VIDEO
Stan is right. This people are leeches that go to this kind of events without even paying, and then they disturb. Well done Stan!
 Mark Hall
A love guru to take Becker’s place with Djokovic?  
Nole is adopting an all new approach to tennis
Group hugs should not be the solution. Happy to be proved wrong!
Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton rumored after caught holding hands  
Serena and the racing driver looked rather cozy in Mexico
Just rumours. Pity Serena can`t hit the headlines anymore with some solid results
Moscow to host the ATP finals in 2019?  
There could be a huge change in the venue of the ATP finals
I think the best place would be the US. But to do that they need a local "hero"
My ban is fair. KYRGIOS  
Nick apologizes for his behavior in Shanghai
The more tey talk the more they are embarassing themselves rght now.
Sharapova back on court after 6 months in Las Vegas  
A smiley Maria is back in her natural environment. VIDEO
Incredible pro. I cannot believe how brilliantly she (and her team) are coming out from a horrible situation.
TOO FUNNY. Djokovic imitates Fognini  
Nole achieves new heights. VIDEO
LOL. Fantastic. Flavia is struck!
Flipkens hits the passing-shot of the year  
Kristen passes Pliskova with an amazing behind the back shot. VIDEO
Unreal also because Flipkens is not known for this kind of shots
DOPING. Nadal’s files leaked by Fancy Bears  
Rafa private files have been published by the hackers to confirm that the Spaniard is completely clean
Kyrgios sledges Djokovic  
Nick criticizes Djokovic for the medical time-out taken during the US Open final.
I am not sure about the role that Kyrgios will have in tennis, but if he keeps coming out with this stuff he will be the greatest... in committing PR suicide. Next attacks vs. Federer and Nadal?
Kyrgios using Federer's SABR  
Nick is trying to emulate the Maestro, with not much success so far. VIDEO
Not even possible to compare the two. Roger uses the SABR in certain moments. Nick he does it randomly just to aamze the public
HOW Murray inspired the entire Team GB at the Olympics  
Andy is credited with being instrumental in the successful campaign in Rio of Team GB
Andy has managed to build an extremely strong image at home thanks to his results and his personality. Well done!
I love Dimitrov. Nicole Scherzinger  
The singer doesn’t hide her feelings for Grigor
She is really hot, but they both travel and Grigor is still too young (and hot) to have a stable relationship. Another broken heart on its way
I still have problems with my wrist. NADAL  
Rafa admits that he is still struggling with his wrist
I am surprised that he decided to playin Cincy. It doesn`t seem to be the right decision after such a busy week in Rio. I wonder how his wrist will feel.
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Points : 1,522
Rank in London:221st
Polls: 19

Comments: 248

It's time for Dimitrov to step up and win a major  
It's time for Dimitrov to step up and win a major
Crazy idea: Federer  no.1?  
Crazy idea: Federer no.1?
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