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 Mark Hall
SHOCKING. Djokovic splits with all his coaching staff  
Nole shocks again with a surprising move
Why is it necessary to totally trash a great champion when he is in a slump. Just as those who said Rafa was "through" "used up" and should quit when he was in his "free fall" during his long recovery from injury and loss of confidence. He has been in the finals of every tournament he`s enter sinc ...
 Mark Hall
Nadal, Wawrinka withdraw from Rotterdam  
Rafa and Stan will not compete in the Netherlands.
I`m glad Rafa is taking the advice of his doctors. The amount of tennis he played in Melbourne would be taxing even for someone injury free. Whatever keeps Rafa competitive for the rest of the season makes good sense to me!
 Alex Boyden
POSTER CONTROVERSY. Is Federer's prominence over Murray wrong?  
The promotional poster of the Miami Open has been criticized… is that right?
The comments on this blog are nearly as disrespectful as the poster itself. Andy Murraay is #1 in the world. Period. He`s worked many years to reach this goal. Rankings are not based one one slam out of one. Putting Andy at the bottom in small print is just crass and unnecessary commercialism. Many ...
 Mark Hall
LEGEND. Federer goes beyond greatness with 18th slam  
Roger beats Nadal in a match that is already an epic. VIDEOS
An incredible match and a great gift to anyone who is a fan of professional tennis. Rafa`s draw was particularly challenging. For that reason I was able to watch the final with just the pleasure of the beauty of their respective skills. i was happy, no matter who won.
 Mark Hall
Tim Henman questions Djokovic’s emotional stability  
The Brit criticizes Novak after his latest outburst. VIDEO
t is interesting that part of a sports journalist`s role is to "bait and reel". I do understand that kind of approach in matters of gravity, but hardly in talking with an athlete who is "struggling" as you say. Novak has played "off the charts" tennis for quite some time until his recent slump. Wh ...
 Mark Hall
OH DEAR. Nadal cut his hair … completely!  
Rafa changes his look dramatically. PICS
How do we know (or care) what is "better". There hasn`t even been a photo of Rafa without his cap yet. Relentless irrelevant criticism, nothing more.
CONTROVERSY. Djokovic disagrees with Nadal on different scoring system  
Shanghai.Nole has a different opinion that Nadal’s on adopting new formats
I don`t see anything in this statement which supports the scoring changes. Perhaps I missed something. I do, however, completely agree with Rafa that to change the scoring would considerably gut fundamental values of tennis and replace championship play with something less. To do this for the purpo ...
Nadal: I can still win a slam  
Rafa thinks he can still win a major.
Rafa Nadal is one of the greatest athletes in the history of sport, tennis or otherwise. He is also one of the greatest examples of generosity of spirit and respect for the game proven through his behavior both on and off the court throughout his career. Whether he wins or loses, he brings exciteme ...
Becker criticizes Federer over SABR  
Boris is not a fan of Roger’s new shot
I think that Boris needs to face the reality of change and evolution in the sport of tennis. This is an exciting new element. Whether it becomes a widely used tactic remains to be seen. i don`t really understand Boris`s criticism or what he means when he says what the players of his day would have ...
Kyrgios dumped from Davis Cup team  
Nick will not play the semifinal against Great Britain.
Its important for Kyrgios to understand that personal behavior has consequences. Extreme behavior, particularly extreme destructive behavior has more extreme consequences. This is true in all aspects of life I`m glad that at least in the sport of tennis, players are not given a pass when they act o ...
Sharapova defends Nadal vs. US Open  
Maria things that Rafa deserves more respect
Brava !! Maria is absolutely correct and cares enough to say so. It never ceases to amaze how shallow the well is for even the greatest champions when a crack in their armor may appear. For so many years Rafa has been on the ascent, returning from injury to even greater success until this year. Why ...
Is this Dimitrov’s new affair?  
Rumors are all over the place that Grigor and Maria Sharapova split. Nikoleta Lozanova could be the cause.
This is so sleazy. This blog is exactly like the lowest British tabloids. Rumor and silly innuendo and now these totally low-rent photos of a woman "rumored" to be this and that. Not even interesting gossip. There`s so much that this blog COULD be and still cover aspects of athlete`s personal lives ...
Nadal may not play the Australian Open!  
Rafa is not sure about his participation in Melbourne
Rafa will be a national hero forever no matter if, when or how he decides to retire. If you have ever seen him play live you would know that he is a unique phenomenon of athletic excellence as well as a great ambassador and representative of sport. Period.
Federer, Nadal criticized by Roddick  
Andy thinks that both Roger and Rafa are not great entertainers
I think that this is very silly. Andy Roddick didn`t criticize Nadal or Federer. He just said that the public also likes crazier more off the wall guys who entertain in a very broad way. The entertainment value of watching great players is enough for some fans, but others like more of a different ki ...
Nadal: world no.1 not important  
Rafa says that getting at the top of the rankings is not his goal
To say that Rafa`s body is "just done" when he is still number three in the world, has come back brilliantly from every injury he has suffered and is only 28 years old seems to totally lacking in either logic or acuity to say the least. Even worse, it smacks of the negativity we project on those wh ...
Has Bouchard a crush on Dimitrov?  
A revealing video is going around on the internet. See video
This "story" and the comments only confirm my opinion that Tennis Tonic is just a low rent gossip column, a rag like the worst of Reality TV.
Rafael Nadal lands in Kazakhstan for exhibition  
Rafa will play his first match after losing to Kyrgios in Wimbledon
i think that that tour is just not quite as exciting with out Rafa. There is no one else who brings the excitement, passion, emotion and focus to every single shot that Rafa does. We have great champions on the tour, but no one brings quite what Rafa does and it is a quality which has been missed i ...
Sharapova attacks Ivanovic after a controversial medical time out  
Maria wasn’t sure on how genuine Ana was about having a MTO
Really Will, how can you "not stand" someone you don`t even know, particularly someone who is a great athlete, a champion in her sport who has had a really outstanding career. Everyone knows she grunts and shrieks, it`s something she has always done much to the displeasure of players and fans, and p ...
Retro Nadal back on sleeveless at the US Open  
Rafa decided to get back to the nice all days
I`m glad to see that only two people have replied to this silly topic (three including me). We know that many ladies and men too want to see Rafa in as few clothes as possible, no? This is still the lowest form of gossip or "chisme" as we call it here, and so boring if it is what is discussed in th ...
Murray confirms his partnership with Mauresmo  
Andy will keep Amelie as his long term coach
How can there be a "right" or "wrong" to hiring either a male or female coach? No fan can understand the professional value or relationship between an athlete and their coach, or how that might "fit". It is certainly must be a unique and personal process. The Williams sisters were coached for many ...
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