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Robert S
NTRP : 4.5  
Playing  : 3 times or more per week
Style  : I can mix it
Hands  : Right  
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Federer falls to Raonic  
Milos beats Roger in 5 sets to reach the final in Wimbledon. VIDEO
Oh Roger, That serve lost was probably one of the worst of your career. Dropping a serve when you are 40-0 and clearly superior to your opponent is really bad.
GOOD IDEA. Federer asks for tie-break at 12-all in 5th  
Roger shares his thoughts on how to avoid freakish marathons during slams
Good point. Probably they can introduce this breaker for all matches with the exception of the final. I`ve really enjoyed that drama between Federer and Roddick, and the players have all time to rest after the final.
Serena threatens to sue umpire  
The American was worried about playing on a wet grass. VIDEO
There is so much money around in tennis, that if a top player gets injured, he or she can have a huge financial loss. It`s a tricky one
Federer breezes into the Wimbledon quarters  
Roger dismisses Johnson in straight sets. VIDEO
Roger is favorite against Cilic and if Raonic loses to Goffin, he has a clear shot at the final. Good draw for the Maestro
YOUR ARE AN IDIOT. Troicki has incredible meltdown  
Viktor has an amazing meltdown in
Probably Janowicz at the AO and Jeff Tarango were even worst. Troicki in Rome was also epic stuff. This will be remembered as one of the biggest though.
Dustin Brown - 50 crazy winners (forehands, backhands, tweeners, tricks, drop shots...)  
The match against Nadal in Halle was probably on of the most entertaining in tennis history.
2 things Kyrgios needs to become great. ROSEWALL  
The Australian legend things that his young compatriot still needs to improve a couple of aspects in his game
I agree he needs consistency and control, but he might also need to mature from a tactical point of view. Still a long road.
Why I am good at coping with pressure. DJOKOVIC  
Nole explains why he is getting better and better with the experience.
Djokovic can definitely win also this Wimbledon, actually he is the favorite, but in a way I think he could not make it.
Federer has a great draw in Wimbledon  
Roger is in Djokovic's half, but he has a fantastic path till the semis
Good draw on paper, but eventually you know if a draw is good or bad during the tournament. Still, Roger has to get at least to the semifinal
Kyrgios, Zverev and Edmund at career high  
The nextgen is getting more and more ground
Yes, but you need to be fair also with Dimitrov, Nishikori etc that had to face the big 4 in full steam while now at least Federer and Nadal are much less competitive.
I am missing only 1 thing. FEDERER  
Roger reflects after losing in Halle against Zverev. VIDEO
I`s very difficult that Roger will win this Wimbledon. I wish he can have a nice run
HILARIOUS. Tomic says he and Kyrgios do not tank  
The Australian releases a rather incredible interview
This guy is one of the biggest a***le in tennis history. Incredibly arrogant.
Federer to play Goffin in the quarters in Halle  
Roger beats Jaziri in straight sets. VIDEO
Federer still not sharp enough for Wimby.
Murray attacks Sharapova over doping  
Andy is not convinced with Sharapova’s excuses
Definitely, I can`t even believe she found that silly excuse that that person that was working for her didn`t find the danger of taking that drug because he was distracted by marital problems... I mean...
Krajicek to coach Wawrinka on grass  
Richard will join Norman and Fattenbert in the next few weeks
Great move. I have always felt that Wawrinka was missing something at the net, Krajicek can definitely help with that. Also he has a vast experience gained from his runs on grass
Federer survives Fritz  
Roger wins a tough match in Stuttgart. VIDEO
Roger was in awful conditions. He was just careful in not getting injured, and he looked not very sharp on the baseline (he also admitted that Fritz got the upper hand). Let`s hope it`s just rust because that wasn`t very good.
Head attacks anti-doping agency over Sharapova’s case  
The brand defends its top ambassador
1 thing for sure. Nobody respects WADA and its work. They have been accused too many times about being incompetent. If Head takes this position, that means that they are 100% sure in what they say.
Federer halted by the rain in Stuttgart  
Roger had to stop to play because of the rain. VIDEO
I think itis a bit too early to give opinions about Roger. He played only 7 games, it was very cold, probably slippery, so it is normal that he was very conservative
Dimitrov loses 5th consecutive match  
Grigor is defeated by Del Potro in Stuttgart. VIDEO
I have mixed feeling about Grigor. I think that eventually he will find his own way. Reg Bouchard, I am not ven sure she will keep on playing pro tennis. Her latest defeat was really ugly.
Bouchard loses 6-2 6-0 to world no.171  
Genie is trashed by Elise Mertens at the Topshelf
I hope to be wrong, but I would not be surprises if she retires very early in her career. A loss like this must be devastating and extremely humiliating. She was meant to be the new Sharapova, but she is failing miserably on and of the court.
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