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Paul Laconte
New York
Playing  : Less than 3 times per week
Hands  : Right  
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Becker criticizes Federer over SABR  
Boris is not a fan of Roger’s new shot
Becker doesn`t like Federer because currently he is the only one that can challenge Djoko. This is cheap
Kyrgios dumped from Davis Cup team  
Nick will not play the semifinal against Great Britain.
Nobody wants him anymore
Why Fognini insulted Nadal  
The Italian came out with one of his shows
It`s difficult to understand if the guy is a psycho, ill-mannered or he just likes to show off. It`s probably the combination of the 3
Serena has more than double the points of world no.2 Sharapova  
The American has an incredible gap over Maria
Serena is the GOAT... no doubt.
DO NOT MISS. Djokovic, Serena dance at Wimbledon ball  
Nole and Serena have fun dancing Night Fever. VIDEO
I think that Djokovic deserves much more consideration. He has been eclipsed for so much time by Fed and Nadal. If he keeps up he can we at least the same amount of slams as Rafa. Roger still too far.
Federer impresses in opener  
Roger plays impressive tennis in Wimbledon first round. VIDEO
Federer was truly impressive. His forehand was out of this world. Interesting he has real chance to win the title
WOW. Bouchard stunning at players’ party  
Genie shows off her great figure at the players’ party.PICS Aand VIDEO
Becker: Federer is not as nice as he seems  
Boris comes out with a rather aggressive statement
Boris needs to learn 2/3 things about diplomacy!
Why Djokovic standing ovation was the most emotional moment in tennis history  
Nole receives an incredible standing ovation during the RG ceremony
Next year Novak, Next year.
Schweinsteiger crazy for Ivanovic. VIDEO  
Sebastian can’t contain his passion for the Serbian Beauty
They look nice together like the previous ones! Let`s see how long it will last
Federer, Monfils match interrupted  
Roger and Gael had to stop their match because of darkness
It was Fed that wanted to interrupt the match because he lost a stupid second set and he wanted to halt a possible "Gael moment". Monfils was pumped after winning the last game
Nadal dismantles Kuznetsov in Paris  
Rafa produces an inspiring performance to win 6-1 6-3 6-2. Sock next
I do not think this was a real test for Nadal. Almagro was a better one. The next round will be more interesting v Sock.
Nadal against Blatter  
Rafa doesn’t think that it’s fair for Blatter to have such a long reign especially after the recent scandal.
It`s interesting, because from the interview Nadal doesn`t want to take a clear position, but when he says that if you are the boss of something for long time you may not be honest anymore he gives a direct punch
Ivanovic achieves 500K followers  
Ana reaches a great milestone on Twitter
Ivanovic and Bouchard will have a similar destiny. Both are beautiful and very markatable, but if they do not win they lose their appeal like it happened for Hantuchova. The difference is that Ana at least hs won a slam while Bouchard still hsa lot to prove
Why Federer was damn lucky with FO draw  
Roger had a super draw in Paris. Can he win the whole thing now?
Yes, but Karlovic is a pain, but more on a best of 3 and on fast surfaces, in a best of 5 on clay he shouldn`t be a major threat. Nishikori would be only in the semifinal when you are anyway expected to play a good guy. Probably the biggest pain will be Monfils. Even Wawrinka should not be a huge th ...
Shocking. Umpire that challenged Nadal for time wasting withdrawn from matches  
Carlos Bernardes not to officiate Nadal’s matches anymore
I complete agree, with the argument of rude conduct, but we can`t say that if some umpires do not take action against bad behaviour they should not enforce the time violation. Also Nadal cheat the rule continuously and from the beginning of every match. An umpire may pretend not to see a time violat ...
Soderling happy if Nadal loses again at the FO  
Robin has a rather interesting point…
Rosol had the same sort of problem when he beat Nadal in Wimbledon. Than this "problem" faded when Nadal lost to many more players in the following years
Murray insults Rosol  
Andy has nasty words at the Czech after being pushed. Video
Can`t stand Rosol
Nadal criticizes tennis balls used in Indian Wells  
Rafa is very polemical on the type of tennis balls used in Indian Wells
They use Penn that are very popular in the US. I think they have relocated the production to Far East without much success
Why Federer will not play in Miami  
Roger explains why he will not compete in Key Biscayne
I think that money talks. Roger has not played well in Miami, he certainly doesn`t want to waste to much time and I am sure that Istanbul paid the big bucks for him to show up
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Points : 2,400
Rank in New York:47th
Polls: 8

Comments: 173

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