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Robert S
NTRP : 4.5  
Playing  : 3 times or more per week
Style  : I can mix it
Hands  : Right  
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 Mark Hall
EPIC. Murray wins the World Tour Finals to finish the year as the world no.1  
Andy dismisses Djokovic in straight sets in the London final. VIDEOS
I am surprised by both the energy found by Andy after a tough week (actually after 6 tough months) and the horrible body language that Novak had for a big part of the match. Bottom line, we all agree that Murray fully deserved the world no.1 status
 Mark Hall
Djokovic goes ballistic over time violation  
LONDON. Nole attacks the umpire during his match against Goffin. VIDEO
Rules are rules and this one is very simple because it`s about a number. I find it incredible when the players complain. I also think that it`s not nice when they put pressure on he umpires in this way like Nadal with Bernardes.
 Mark Hall
TOO WEIRD. Murray finally beats a top5 after 6 months!  
Andy didn’t beat a top player for a long time.
Fantastic digs that put things a bit in perspective. Andy deserves to be the world no.1, but probably he took advantage from the lack of a proper competition.
 Mark Hall
NEW RANKINGS. Murray no.1, Federer out top10  
Andy is officially world no.1; Federer out top10; John is back to be the top player of his country
Besides Roger being ranked no.16 (we knew it), it still strikes me that the USA cannot produce a better player than Isner. Were are the Connors, McEnroes, Agassis, Sampras etc?
 Mark Hall
WOW. Angry Wawrinka says to French Minister to go home  
Stan wasn’t pleased with a VIP making too much noise. VIDEO
Typical stupid politician that he is too arrogant to understand how to behave and then he lies. Stan was right to tell that stuff.
 Mark Hall
Love helps Djokovic in Paris opener  
Nole plays a very good match against Gilles Muller. VIDEO
something seems to be so off...
 Mark Hall
A love guru to take Becker’s place with Djokovic?  
Nole is adopting an all new approach to tennis
Doesn`t look great for Novak, doesn`t look great
Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton rumored after caught holding hands  
Serena and the racing driver looked rather cozy in Mexico
Serena ready for the tennis after life. At the end of the day, how many more seasons she can compete? She is already 35, another couple? 3?
Federer rumored to anticipate comeback in December  
Roger may play the IPTL in Dubai at the end of the year
It would be so nice to see him playing a couple of sets. Still to be confirmed.
CONNORS CHALLENGES KYRGIOS. Either with me or you stay mediocre  
Jimmy invites Nick in a rather unconventional way.
It would be great to see Connors and Kyrgios working together, but I think they would kill each other after a couple of sessions
Kyrgios pulls out from Rotterdam to play the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game  
Nick keeps on showing that he doesn’t care much about the sport.
Fantastic reply from Krajicek. A sort of "I understand the guy and I do not care"
Kyrgios banned for 8 weeks, less if he sees psychologist  
Nick is punished for his terrible behavior in Shanghai
100% deserved
I can be world no.1 in Spring 2017. MURRAY  
Andy explains why he should get the top spot of the rankings next year.
I think he has a great shot at being no.1 already in 2016 especially if Djokovic doesn`t recover and Andy doesn`t lose his momentum. I think it;s also fair given his incredible career
CONTROVERSY. Djokovic disagrees with Nadal on different scoring system  
Shanghai.Nole has a different opinion that Nadal’s on adopting new formats
I would definitely keep the scoring system as it is. I also agrees with Rafa tat changing would alter the spirit of the sport. The only "change" that I would introduce it`s the enforcement of the max time in allowed in between the points. A clock would help ...
SHOCKING. Is Djokovic firing Becker?  
SHANGHAI. Nole hints that he may part ways with Boris starting from the next season.
Against many odds, this has been a highly successful partnership. I have the idea that Novak is having problems in managing his personal and professional life. This is something that many coaches cannot accept (eg. when Gilbert left Agassi). This could be the real reason
GOOD IDEA? Nadal may skip the rest of the season  
Rafa is deeply upset with his results
It depends if he has problems with his wrist. He lamented that he didn`t strike the forehand as he should. So, probably that`s the real reason.
I couldn't care less to qualify for the World Tour Finals. KYRGIOS  
The Australian came out with another controversial statement
Terrible. Complete disrespect for everyone. Also his family, trainer,just everyone. The reality is that the guy doesn`t have the mental ability to compete at that level.
The secret of my success is my fitness coach. KYRGIOS  
Nick gives credits to Martin Skinner for his recent results
No surprised, but he also needs to understand that it`s having a proper coach the key to get to the very top. That`s basics
LEAKED. Murray’s note before playing Dimitrov  
The TV shows interesting insights about Andy’s notes. PIC
Not the leak of the year, but still interesting to see what top players do before a match.
FANTASTIC Kyrgios reaches the final in Tokyo  
Nick plays an amazing semifinal against Monfils to reach the final in Japan. VIDEO
Finally Kyrgios seems focused on winning.The guy also feels he is maturing, that`s a good sign!
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