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Pedro Guimarez
Hong Kong
Playing  : Less than 3 times per week
Style  : Defensive
Hands  : Right  
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 Mark Hall
Why Murray deserves the world no.1 rank. DJOKOVIC  
Novak explains why he thinks that the Brit deserves what he has achieved
I think everybody shares what Djokovic said. The surprising part is that it seems he doesn`t give much of a damn of it
 Mark Hall
INCREDIBLE. Federer wins fans Favourite award for the 14th straight year  
Roger is out, but still at the top of the mind of tennis fans around the world
Well done Roger, but I think that also Rafa deserves this one
 Mark Hall
Murray had a horrible draw in London  
Andy fell in the same groups as Wawrinka, Nishikori and Cilic.
What a stroke of luck for Djokovic. I still do not think he will take back the world no.1 and he will not win the finals, but he was lucky
 Mark Hall
WEIRD. Murray the shortest guy in the Paris last 4  
At 1.9 m, Andy is not towering in Bercy
Average 1.98m? This is a bit insane. To be honest, I do not like much this boom boom tennis. I see tennis more as a form of art.
Kyrgios banned again from Newcombe awards  
For the second consecutive year, the Australian will not be considered for the prestigious awards
Correct. This means that in Australia they are at least trying to do the things properly
Nadal against the WTA boss on scoring system changes  
Rafa says that the changes proposed by Steve Simon would change the values of tennis
Rafa is 100% right. We would have lost so many epics like the 2008 Wimbledon final. Tennis would lose his Mojo
I am strugging with the pressure. DJOKOVIC  
Nole admits that he has been struggling in dealing with expectations.
Nadal said he had the sme problem. At that level you surely need to deal with lots of issues. Anxiety was Rafa`s problem.
DOPING. Nadal’s files leaked by Fancy Bears  
Rafa private files have been published by the hackers to confirm that the Spaniard is completely clean
Stupid hackers they do this things for fun. Just waste of time
EPIC MURRAY. Can't show my nuts on court.  
Andy has a funny reply during the press conference. VIDEO
Murray being Murray. Always funny.
Djokovic to undergo surgery  
Nole will have to fix his toe.
I think Novak will have a "decent" end of the seasons. Probably his personal problems will be another burden. He doesn`t seem to be happy overall.
McEnroe is offending all my entourage. MONFILS  
John was appalled by Gael’s behavior during the US Open semi-final, and the Frenchman didn’t like his comments. VIDEO
Definitely. Probably this time he went a bit too far to seem unprofessional. ! thing that Monfils didn`t get it in that match was that Djokovic was not confident at all in the entire tournament, so probably a "normal" Monfils could have won.
Did Kyrgios perform the hot shot of the tournament?  
Nick produced an amazing shot in his last match at the US Open. VIDEO
It`s difficult to say if this was the shot of the tournament. We had two great tweeners (Pouille and Nadal) and an incredible volley from Rafa. Something that you can deny is that this shot had something unique in it
I wish Nadal to win the US Open. FEDERER  
Roger has a nice wish for his nemesis
That`s bringing bad luck!
Monfils executes jumping-volley-tweener  
Gael produces another magic. VIDEOS
Always fun to watch even if he does useless things sometimes
Kyrgios using Federer's SABR  
Nick is trying to emulate the Maestro, with not much success so far. VIDEO
The difference is that Roger does it for a reson, while Kyrgios does it just because he can
WEIRD. Monfils demolishes scoreboard at the US Open  
Gael had a rough encounter on court. VIDEO
Text book monfils I guess
We are close to our level. TONI NADAL  
Uncle Toni is satisfied with how things are going at the Flushing Meadows
Unfortunately there is also the questionmark of the wrist, but he can definitely win this US Open especially if Djokovic is not at his best
Nadal thinks he can still win a slam, if…  
Rafa in not done with the majors
Rafa has everything to win another slam. He just needs some luck
Was Nadal rejected by Chinese Restaurant?  
Apparently Rafa didn’t have a great day after losing the bronze
Oh, he just decided to stick to the Japaense. I wonder if Nishikori was there...
Nadal, Lopez win the gold medal!  
Rafa and Marc win a historic gold. VIDEO
Rafa proved wrong all the so-called pro players that snubbed the Olympics. This is a great page for he sport and other players should (always) learn from him.
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Points : 1,608
Rank in Hong Kong:67th
Polls: 30

Comments: 407

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