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Phil Steven
South San Francisco
Playing  : Less than once per week
Style  : Aggressive
Hands  : Right  
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Serena defends equal pay in tennis  
The American thinks it is fair to be paid has her male counterparts.
This is so unfair for men. If they draw the big crowd, they should be paid more. Typical feminists BS, and Serena is completely aware of that.
SHOCKING. I fear for my life. BARTOLI  
Marion admits that something is not right with her. VIDEO
She definitely needs help and soon. There is no virus here, only huge psychological problems
EXTREMELY SCARY. Groth snaps a racket in half  
Sam was quite frustrated when playing doubles. VIDEO
Theatrical, but effective. NoNo doubt about that. I wonder if he got a racket abuse warning
I am old, that’s why they help me with schedules. FEDERER  
Roger jokes about his draw and schedules. VIDEO
Few years ago it was Murray to complain during the Australian Open saying that Federer was scheduled always during the evening so as to have an unfair advantage over his rivals that had to struggle under the sun. Also in that case the organization didn`t want to do any favor to the Swiss, but the fa ...
YOUR ARE AN IDIOT. Troicki has incredible meltdown  
Viktor has an amazing meltdown in
Troicki is an idiot. At least he is funny
Why Nadal was my biggest rival. FEDERER  
Roger admits that his rivalry with Rafa was unique
I think that this was the most intriguing rivalry in tennis history. You can miss a match between Djokovic and Murray, or Djokovic and Nadal. But if you are a tennis lover, you could never miss a match between Federer and Nadal. Ever.
Murray wins his 5th title at Queens to make history  
Andy beats Raonic in 3 sets. VIDEO
Murray is the only guy that can currently compete against Djokovic on all surfaces. Actually, he is the one that can stop Novak for reaching Federer`s 17 slams.
I am missing only 1 thing. FEDERER  
Roger reflects after losing in Halle against Zverev. VIDEO
The ONLY thing that Roger is the entire baseline game. That`s a lot. seriously doubt he will get his 8th Wimby. I hope I am wrong
HILARIOUS. Tomic says he and Kyrgios do not tank  
The Australian releases a rather incredible interview
Sometimes I think he believes the rest of the world is dumb, while he is the smartest. I think the truth is the exact opposite
Murray attacks Sharapova over doping  
Andy is not convinced with Sharapova’s excuses
I agree 100%. Sge is a cheater and she needs to pay for that
Federer wins opener in Halle  
Roger beats Struff in straight sets. VIDEO
I think Federer is a bit more confident after Nishikori ad Berdych crashed out. Then, he definitely has chances to win Halle.
[PICS] Fognini, Pennetta get married!  
Fabio and Flavia go to the next level
I like her, I do not like him. Still a hec of a wedding.
WHY Lendl is coaching Murray again  
Andy is extremely happy for having Ivan back in his team
Fantastic move. Lendl was the one that put him where Murray belongs. Lets see what it is going to be from now on. Thr boggest loser is probably Djokovic.
Zero tolerance with Sharapova. FEDERER  
Roger is not very tolerant about Sharapova’s case
Sharapova thinks that the world is stupid. It;s obvous she knew, she got a stupid chance and she failed, as easy as it is. Now she balmes everyone else pretending she is the victim. PLease...
Dimitrov loses 5th consecutive match  
Grigor is defeated by Del Potro in Stuttgart. VIDEO
Dimitrov is a goner. It`s rather special on how he managed to squander his talent. Too many distractions and not enough focus. Pity
Murray congratulates Djokovic  
Andy admitted that Novak was sharper and he wasn’t able to play well in the important moment
On his way to cath Roger, but still a long way to go. The next 6 slams are crucial for him
Federer in top form and confirmed to play in Stuttgart  
Roger is scheduled to train on Sunday
Fantastic news. It would be great if he can win a couple of tournaments on grass this year to lift the morale and confirm he is still at his top
Kyrgios derides Cash on Twitter  
Pat thinks Nick should ditch Twitter, Kyrgios has his own answer.
When you think that Kyrgios has reached the bottom, then he can prove you wrong. GOAT in media suicidal
Why I hired McEnroe. RAONIC  
Milos explains why he decided to collaborate with the American Legend
We will know only after Wimbledon. I think that there will not be a gray area. either it will be great or lousy
Federer not fit to play the Roland Garros  
Roger had to forfeit to interrupt an amazing record
This is such a pity. He was playing a really nice tennis, but eventually the age is catching. The knee, the back. I am sure he wants to be 100% for the grass season and the Olympics. He has a also a fair amount of success in North America (Cincinnati), but he needs to be fit.
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Points : 2,652
Rank in South San Francisco:17th
Polls: 17

Comments: 242

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