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Robert S
NTRP : 4.5  
Playing  : 3 times or more per week
Style  : I can mix it
Hands  : Right  
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Nadal amazes with incredible tweener  
Rafa executes an incredible passing shot against Groth at the Roland Garros. VIDEO
I like the comparison with Federer`s. Both are great, but Roger did it in a grand slam semifinal against Djokovic, he procured a match points with that shot and it went cross court (more difficult). Rafa was cruising 6-1 6-1 4-1 against Groth in the first round in Paris. I go for Roger.
Murray survives incredible battle against Stepanek  
Andy wins after rallying from 2 sets down in his 1st round in Paris. VIDEO
This was a horrible start for Andy that was completely out of sync.However, this would not be the first time that a player wins an important title after a lousy start. I think it will be veryimportant to see how he plays in the 2nd round
Federer invented my nickname. WAWRINKA  
Stan says that it was Roger to call him Stanimal for the first time
Tennis fans remember when Roger and Stan had that fight at the WTF in London a couple of years ago. That was an episode and they have a great relationship. Nice to witness that.
Kyrgios. I have been to sport psychologists, but…  
Nick shares his experience
I can`t understand what`s the problem with him. It`s not that bad to be one of the most admired tennis players at his age. He should embrace that.
Federer not fit to play the Roland Garros  
Roger had to forfeit to interrupt an amazing record
Even if this was widely expected, it sounds so ominous; it seems the beginning of the end. I hope not.
Federer looks stiff in Paris training  
Roger tried a session at the Roland Garros, but he doesn’t look very mobile
My impression is that he is i the same situation he was in Rome. The problem is that the Roland Garros is played on a best of 5 basis, so the chaces to win a match are slimmers while the chances of worsening the injury are much bigger. So, what`s the point?
Berdych splits with coach after losing 6-0 6-0  
Tomas wasn’t satisfied with his results to change direction just ahead of the French Open
I think these two had a huge fight after the match against Goffin. I cannot think it was Valleverdu`s fault
Murray dismisses Djokovic to win the title in Rome  
Andy beats Nole 6-3 6-3 to grab his 36th career title. VIDEO
I agree and I think that Djokovic seems to be mentally tired of being no.1. He needs to prove himself week in and week out and on the other side of the net there are strong players that are waiting to take full advantage of it.
Why I am happy after Rome. NADAL  
Rafa is still happy after losing to Djokovic in Rome
Kyrgios is happy for losing in Rome (to Nadal), Nadal is happy for losing in Rome (to Djokovic). It seems that to be happy in life you should go and lose in Rome (doesn`t apply to Bercych and his now ex coach)
Why Murray would be happy to work with Lendl again  
Andy says he is not ruling out the opportunity
Probably everything is about..HOW MUCH?
Murray parts ways with Mauresmo  
Andy is not coached anymore by Amelie
For some resons this partnership has always looked like as a sort of fake
Federer back to world no.2  
Roger is back to no.2 after Murray failed to defend the title.
Almost impossible he will stay no.2. Unless he wins all the upcoming tournaments.
Tomic retires after 8 minutes in Rome  
The Australian hits the headlines again for not competing
Probably he just wanted to collect the prize money. NOt the best guy around. Actually a disgrace.
Federer draws big crowd for his training in Rome  
Roger has a huge amount of followers also during his practice. VIDEO
Seeing Roger training is as valuable as seeing him playing a match, and it`s generally free.
Azarenka withdraws from Madrid  
Vika is unable to compete for a problem to her back
It`s incredible that almost all top players are our before the quarters in Madrid. I think there are lot`s of interesting personalities around (WTA), but I have the feeling we miss champions and I can`t see anyone after Serena.
Tomic in another embarrassing display  
The Australian tanks a match against Fognini in Madrid
The guy is really stupid. He wasn`t also in a desperate position because even if Fognini had 3 consecutive MPs, the match was on clay, and if he was lucky enough to save all 3 MPs he had a good shot at the set. Probably he didn`t care
Bouchard reunited with historical coach Saviano  
Genie is jubilant for being back with Nick
Good move for Genie. Probably the last one before utter desperation. Saviano was the only one that has managed to find a solution for the Canadian and their previous split created a huge mess for Genie that seemed to be without the right guide. Now it`s time for Bouchard to start to win again. She i ...
Federer retires from Madrid for Injury  
Roger was not fit to play in Spain
Not good signals from Federer`s body. I hope he will not have enough any soon
Dimitrov loses title in complete madness in Istanbul  
Grigor loses to Schwartzman in the worst possible way
I get your point, but I believe this worse worse than Nabaldian`s default. In fact, Nalbandian did want to be defaulted while Dimitrov did it on purpose so as to spoil the moment of his opponent. This wasn`t classy at all and I think he needs to have further sanctions.
Serena Williams withdraws from Madrid  
The American will not play in Spain citing illness
Illness? I think she is done with tennis and probably it was Roberta Vinci to end her career !!!
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